Don't ask for much...


For those of us not on Facebook, could you please tell us what it is we're voting for? Thanks!

If you click on the video it should be self-explanatory. This is for Michal's bid to become a Hopscout Editor. Tim gave more info in a previous post here on Baylyblog.

Thanks, Andrew. I had read the previous post & clicked on the picture and nothing happened. I thought perhaps that vote was done. But when I clicked on the word "vote" in the more recent blog, it went directly to a blank page except for an enticement to join facebook. Any ideas how to vote if the picture doesn't work and I'm not on facebook?

"Stuck in the Dark Ages"

Sorry, this one is only for those on facebook. I know one anti-facebook person who joined only to be able to vote :)

Okeedokey! Thanks, Heather!

Michal, I hope you win!


I'm on Facebook and did vote for you, Michal. If you vote more than once is that considered stuffing the ballot the box and dirty pool? If not, I'll vote again. I'm asking because it has been OK to vote > once in another contest (not for a job, though) where the winner won $50,000 and appeared in a Cover Girl print ad. I voted as many times as I could because the winner was a friend's daughter.

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