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Once again, we have that paragon among unreforming preachers asked about his take on sex--this time homosexual marriage.

Lauren Green of FoxNews did the interview March 28, 2011, as part of the Justice Event hosted by Redeemer's Hope for New York, Diaconate, and Grace & Race ministries. The place was packed, bases were loaded, bottom of the ninth, the pitch floated in waist high...

across the center of the plate... But here--what is this?

The batter dropped his bat, grabbed the ball and punted it!

But I guess we've seen this before.

* * *

Lauren Green: As a church, how should we as Christians and how should the church view gay rights and gay marriage?

The Minister of the Word: Ha! I would definitely say this is time to come to a conclusion! (Laughter). 

I would definitely say… a thoughtful Christian Biblical response doesn't fit into any of the existing categories out there. It’s not a simple matter of saying there should be no moral differentiation between any kind of sexual activity. Christians can't go there--they can't say, "no it doesn't matter."


It’s also true however, that this is a country where we’re supposed to love our neighbor. This is a country where a Christian is supposed to care about a just society for ALL our neighbors whether they believe like we do or not. And that’s gotta mean our gay neighbor. 

And I would say people in the more conservative movement don't really want to talk too much about that because they’re very upset because they feel like the gay agenda is too anti-Christian and too anti-religious. 

So I would say--the reason it’s good to end on this question is--it’s not something, the way forward, I don't see spelled out anywhere in public. I don't see anybody in public taking all the Biblical concerns about justice and mercy in that area and speaking about them. But I'm certainly not going to get started. 

Just to let you know I don't really think the current options out there--about what we should do--are really the best ones from a Christian standpoint. 

Lauren Green: Maybe that’ll be for the next one (time we do this). 

The Minister of the Word: Uh… I don't know about that! (Laughter). Maybe we should have a different interviewer--and a different answerer for that one!

* * *

This is found on the recording at 79:30.