Another campus minister addresses IU/InterVarsity's promotion of sodomy (part V)...

(Tim: this is fifth in a series of posts [one, two, three, four, five, six, seven] responding to to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's promotion of sodomy at a Indiana University campus forum they sponsored the evening of Monday, March 28, 2011.)

ClearNote Campus Fellowship is, with IU/InterVarsity, an Evangelical campus ministry working on the campus of Indiana University. CNCF's pastor, Jacob Mentzel, has written a response to InterVarsity's promotion of homosexual sin, along the way making some good suggestions for how InterVarsity should correct the scandal.


Tim, I haven't read all the comments, so I don't know if this has been mentioned. However, there was a BaptistPress article last week mentioning that various campus ministry organizations signed a document that, among other things, agrees:

"We will speak well of and refrain from criticism of each other's ministries and members."

Here is the link:

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

The first point in the above document is "We are all part of Christ's body."

The recent "criticisms" have been given precisely because InterVarsity claims to be part of Christ's body. If my very closest Christian brother from my own church is in sin, I will call him to repentance. If I didn't, I would be complicit in his sin. If a brother tells me of my sin, I should be grateful for having my sin exposed to the light, that it might be eradicated.

"...and continue to support IV as they recover and acknowledge this unfortunate choice in leadership."

I suppose I could begin to support IV if I saw a few black SUV's full of IV national leadership pull into Bloomington and physically remove their personnel and defective materials from the IV offices.

I might even send them a check if they 1) held a local press conference apologizing for the lies perpetuated by their representatives in the name of Jesus Christ and 2) unequivocally denounced homosexuality, clearly labeling it as sin.

Matt, if they do all this I'll even buy you dinner.



Under these blog posts documenting InterVarsity's promotion of homosexual sin recently here at Indiana University, a man has posted the same comment multiple times--the same text. His comment makes assertions concerning the inner workings of IV and its employees. Knowing he is not a spokesperson for IV and that his information is factually wrong, I've removed his comments and will not allow him to comment further about this matter.

IV has employees and they are the ones who are in a position to address this matter. And what should they say?

They need to announce to the Indiana University campus that their speaker and staff workers were unfaithful to Jesus Christ and His Word in what they promoted and said. This is beyond question what should have been done last week, immediately after the offense occurred. The fact that it hasn't happened yet, a week later, is an indication of the deeper structural failures of IV's leadership. At this point, IV has had a week to clean this up and they have refused to act. Two veteran staff workers, two of IV's vice presidents, and the office of the president have been contacted multiple times, starting one week ago, with the request that this matter be corrected here at Indiana University. Calls have not been returned and the responses of those who have spoken for IV have only made matters worse, if the Bible is our standard.

I went to IVCF's web site, and in the contact form, I sent the following:

"It has been a week now since I learned of IVCF's sponsorship of a presentation on the campus of Indiana University which contended that homosexuality and the Christian faith are compatible. In that time, I have yet to see anyone from ICVF's leadership repudiate this presentation, either in the local IU press or on this web site.

"If I do not in the very near future see such a repudiation by someone of credible standing in IVCF's leadership, I will necessarily conclude that this presentation signals a new and deplorable agenda by an ostensibly Christian organization."

Siimilar emails ought to be pouring in from all over the country, to the end that ICVF's national leadership either repudiates this blasphemous presentation at IU, or that the same leadership makes explicit endorsement of this presentation, beyond what is already an implicit endorsement of false teaching.

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