Who Democrats are and what they do...

(Tim) Dear readers, don't miss the straightforward lessons these Democrats from Wisconsin and Indiana are teaching us right now.

When push comes to shove, have no doubt that being a Democrat is what matters to them--including Representative Peggy Welch of Bloomington. Have no doubt, either, that Democrats always fight for more money for public school teachers and other government employees. Public school teachers provide the votes that put the Democratic Party in office.

In fact, a good way to think of the Democratic Party is the party of death that lives off the votes of public school teachers who elect Democrat representatives with the understanding that their Democrat representatives will give them more money...

There are other things that could be said about the Republicans, but let's focus on the Democrats right now because they're being utterly transparent. They are so adamantly opposed to school reform that they took their ball and went away.

And yes, I know Representative Welch is not pro-death, but her party most certainly is. Beyond money for public school teachers, Democrats' principal commitments are immorality, perversion, and the murder of babies.

* * *

I haven't received a response, but apparently Representive Welch sent an e-mail out to some giving her defense of her absence from the State House. Someone forwarded it to me and the only thing noteworthy was how many times Representative Welch talked about money for public school teachers. Democrats are zealous in that regard. Representative Welch's principal words were "schools," "education," "public schools," "education," "education," "public education," and "quality education."


Now come on, just because I've spent a ton of time as an adult unlearning some of the "facts" I learned in the government school doesn't mean that they're counterproductive....except that it does. :^)

By the way, do you think the governors of Indiana and Wisconsin might be able to swing a deal with Pat Quinn to keep those guys in Rockford? :^)

What Representative Welch means with those buzz words, of course, is that she doesn't want any state money going to Christian schools.

This post is probably past its prime, but I'm wondering when you refer to Democrats here, do you mean Democratic politicians or all the Jerry and Mary Does, who range from the vanishing Blue Dog Democrats to the flaming liberals?

If you mean the latter, I know you are intelligent enough to not paint all Democrats with the same shade of blue ...

Dear Sue,

I was speaking of those who vote in support of, and advocate, the party platform. Those are their commitments as Democrats. And yes, not every single Democrat holds to every last plank.


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