Rep. Peggy Welch refuses to vote in support of school reform and pro-life bills...

(Tim) Many of us at ClearNote Church have cast our votes for Representative Peggy Welch. Speaking personally, I have myself. These past few weeks, Rep. Welch has utterly failed the children of the state of Indiana.

Mrs. David Welch has been saying she's refusing to show up at the Statehouse in Indy because of her commitment to our children's education. In pol speech this means she's against Governor Daniels' reform of government schools. Governor Daniels wants the state to allow poor parents to use vouchers to escape bad school systems, but Rep. Welch and her fellow Democrats are always against school reform. Democrats get into office most consistenly through the votes of public school teachers and other government employees.

But what about our children? Rep. Welch tells us she cares for our children but she's utterly failed them, recently--and not only by opposing the reform of government schools.

While Representative Welch has been refusing to go to work at the Statehouse, House Bill 1205 seeking to take money away from our state's largest baby-slaughterer, Planned Parenthood, failed for lack of a quorom. This was Representative Welch's doing. The bill had made it out of committee and was ready for passage, but Representative Welch and her fellow Democrats cared more about opposing the Governor's reform of government schools than...

opposing our taxes being use to shore up the baby-slaughtering corporation of Indiana.

So Planned Parenthood will continue to get our tax money and to slaughter babies across Indiana.

Also failing because of Rep. Welch's absence was House Bill 1210 which would have made abortions illegal after the 20th week. (Current state law bans abortions after viability which usually is interpreted as the 24th week.)

Representative Welch and her Democrat compatriots are over in Illinois and it's all about our children?

All of Rep. Welch's constituents who read this blog should write and call Rep. Welch and explain to her that school choice and taking tax money away from baby-slaughterers and making abortion illegal after the 20th week is caring for our children. Very, very, very caring. Very compassionate.


No to vouchers because they're an invitation to government meddling. With government money comes government strings, and it's only a matter of time that those strings become a noose that strangles religious liberty.

Dear Scott,

Vouchers are vastly preferable to what we have now, which is an unmitigated disaster. Any competition our NEA union shop has to face will inevitably improve the education of our state's children. As it is now, the accountability is all one-way. Government educators are in the driver's seat and simply command children and parents. Vouchers are a stab at making government educators face some minimal accountability to parents.

So this is one form of incrementalism I'm all for.


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