Good Shepherd Band releases EP of ClearNote Church's worship music...

GTThumb (Tim) Here's a recording of a small part of the music ClearNote Church uses for our Lord's Day worship. The EP was just released a couple days ago. Give it a listen.

(Note to downloaders: check your email's spam folder if you do not receive a download code immediately)



Hi! I saw the post from several weeks about regarding IVP and my book, The End of Sexual Identity. The book is now available, and if you or your readers have time to read it, I'd love to see what you think of the actual text (as opposed to just its press release). We may not agree, but I hope the book can spark some thoughtful, civil dialogue among believers.

How do I listen on my iPhone? It wants me to download flash but that's not a available


Dear Jenell,

Authors control their book's pre-publication press releases, as they also control their bios. Your press release was meant to get people to read your book, but it backfired with us, at least. When the release backfires and is a negative incentive, you did your job well. You told people what your book was about and where it stood and they made an informed decision that they would not send you royalty money and not waste valuable time reading your misled and misleading thoughts on the meaning of sex in our decadent age.

If you and your publisher erred in what the release said about the content of your book, then issue another press release saying so and have another hack at putting down what the book's true content is in a follow-up press release.

But of course, you already did put down an accurate summary of what your book's true content is and, to your delight, this accurate summary convinced many who are easily deceived that they should pay you royalties for the privilege of reading your book. Your press release worked quite well with them.

But so it did with others of us who came to a negative decision about buying your book.

You can't have it both ways. If you send out a press release prior to publication telling people what your book says and you get some people on board, you can't complain about others who read the same accurate text, come to the same understanding of your book as those who decide to buy it, but for their part, understand Scripture, fear God, and decide to stay far away from it.



Can you point me (and others) to the release?

Dear Matt,

Follow the first link in the post above or type in and you will arrive at a page where you can exchange your email and zip code to receive a free download code by email. Check your email's spam folder if you do not receive a download code immediately.


Dear Kamilla,

Noisetrade is a flash site, and Apple, for reasons beyond me, does not allow flash to run on the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. Therefore, the only way to listen on your mobile device is to download the album for free onto your computer, dump it into iTunes, then manually drag the tracks into your iPhone while syncing.

Sorry, I know it's annoying, but that's Apple.



Annoying, perhaps. But I have no idea how to do it! I'll ask an iPhone expert locally.

Dear brother, one bit of feedback; it seems that one voice is dominant at least.....I wonder if the message of masculine leadership might be enhanced if there were clearly other voices involved.

Not quite sure what you mean here, but so you know, it is our hope one day to capture the sound of the band with the congregation. That's quite an undertaking though, requiring some pretty serious gear, and for now we're limited in what we can pull off technically.

Grateful for your blogging about the EP, brother. I too preferred my music melancholic back when I started leading worship. But the Lord has graciously been disciplining that out of me as I've been pushed to lead with joy and zeal. Now I think I actually prefer the highs to the lows.

Dear Jody,

Nevertheless it is, I grant you, a most wonderfully masculine voice, a marvelous voice, a glorious voice, one to be proud of were such pride not forbidden....

Love in Christ,


I have had a policy against appreciating country music. Yet the most powerful song on this album is set in the form of a country ballad: Jesus, With Thy Church Abide. And it's POWERFUL. Similar with Numerous Faults: Confession and praise, in a country ballad.

I repent.

Thank you for this.

I don't think it's Jody's voice that makes it. It's not especially polished (even an intentional country twang now and then). I think it's the inspiring text supported by the music and sung earnestly and with masculine zeal.

The thing that made the masculine zeal part stand out to me was the "We will dance" track on Everlasting Word Band's Rise Up O Just One album -- a joyful feminine song of celebration was such a contrast to the other songs on both that album and GSB's Wake Up Sleeper album. It shone with a beautiful feminine praise that was beautiful in a distinctly different way from the zealous manful songs. There's a kind of wonder in that to me -- I've not been accustomed to different kinds of beauty in songs, but there's a richness there.

Jody, what I was getting at is that no matter how good or mediocre the voice (it's fine with me for what that's worth), I just wonder if there might be some good for Jonathan to join David in fighting the Philistines in song--for more than one voice to be leading worship.

Hearing the rest of the congregation would be wonderful, too, though you might run the risk of hearing MY voice in the recording were I to show up the Sunday you were don't get that sophisticated gear yet. :^)

Jody, would it be possible to get lead sheets to "Jesus, With Your Church Abide" ?

A guitar player and I were able to work up "Jesus, With Thy Church Abide" for my church's family retreat this weekend, voice + acoustic guitar (plus violin on the interludes). I introduced it as "a prayer of love and petition to our Savior on behalf of His bride".

Thanks for unearthing the hymn and for the new tune. God bless His church!

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