Feminists and Mormon housewives...

(Tim) Several of you forwarded this article about feminists' obsession with Mormon housewives. A well-known feminist once quipped, "A lot of us feminists are becoming the men we wanted to marry."


Weirdly "uplifting", she says?

I had seen mention of it, but passed it off as something related to "Big Love" and "Sister Wives". It is, of course, but not in the way I had thought. I've never seen "Sister Wives", but I have watched several episodes of "Big Love". She's right about these things being weirdly uplifting, but I would put emphasis on the weird - sinister, even.

It's a skin of attractiveness over a body of death and decay. Mormonism isn't a death cult in the obvious way that the religion of ancient Egypt was, but it does have its own fascination with death - the geneological resources so many love to avail themselves of are there so the Mormons can trace their families and bring everyone posthumously into their church and its salvation. These Mormon Mommy blogs present an idyllic picture of life, it seems. The Salon blogger is right to worry about what lurks beneath it.

It's no surprise that a false religion will generate this sort of guilty pleasure while the same sorts of women who are Chrstian bloggers receive nothing but abuse upon abuse.

Of course, some feminists ARE Mormon Housewives:


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