Another manly hero for our time...

(Tim, w/thanks to many) Joel Northrup wrestles for Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa. Wrestling's big in Iowa--something like football in Massilon, Ohio--and Joel had done very well, making it to state. But lightning struck.

Joel drew Cassy Herkelman as an opponent and decided to forfeit. He released this statement explaining his decision:

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan (Black, the tournament’s other female entrant) and their accomplishments. However, wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times. As a matter of conscience and my faith, I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner. It is unfortunate that I have been placed in a situation not seen in most of the high school sports in Iowa.

Is anyone surprised a young man who's retained some modicum of sexual modesty today is a homeschooler? Is anyone surprised the secularists consider this...

one more proof of the evils of homeschooling?

Reading the arguments opposing Joel's act of conscience in the comments below the article reminds me of the arguments used by some of the teaching elders on the PCA General Assembly's Ad Interim Committee on Women in the Military who opposed the PCA taking a position against women in combat. "So she's a girl! What difference does that make?"

* * *

Meanwhile, the R2K men's chorus is belting it out, a capella in four part harmony: "What's faith got to do with it, do with it?"


I'll betcha he was afraid of getting beaten by a girl.

Janine, the boy's record was 35-4, the girl's 20-13. The girl lost her first match 5-1, the other girl in the tournament lost her first match by pin in 52 seconds.

Do the math. Barring a freak injury, the boy wasn't going to lose if he wrestled.

Dear Ms. Anderson,

Men aren't afraid of women, physically.

Emotionally? Yes.

Spiritually intimidated? All the time.

But physically? No. Not even if she has a rug, a peg, a hammer, and her name is Jael.


I wonder if Ms. Anderson knows something about Joel that justifies this accusation of blatant lying about his own motives. If not, she should be ashamed of slandering a young Christian man in this way, regardless of her opinion of his actions.

Nothing accents that delicate, finely crafted, dangling, diamond earring like Cauliflower ear.

Just sayin...

... or a blackened and dead top front incisor on your wedding day, right Nate?


I think comment #1 is a joke. I took it that way, anyway.

For more of the how the secular media tolerista is responding, you can read Rick Reilly's piece on the front page of He says this is an example of why religion should not be tolerated, since we should not allow one's religion to justify poking someone else in the eye with a pencil. Uh, Joel was refusing to do violence, but that's just a messy fact. Reilly concluded his piece with a smarmy reference to the fact that Joel's mother is about to give birth to her eighth child. What a threat she is to the intolerista! And she is. Yet another example of how the Christians who refuse to assimilate into the genderless pagan culture who gain the world's notice and receive its ire.

It occurs to me that I should not pass up a chance for a gratuitous invitation to the 2011 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, which meets in Portland (2/25-27), Grand Rapids (3/18-20), Greenville (4/1-3), and Philadelphia (4/29-5/1). The conference theme is the doctrine of adoption. The preconference is on gender relationships, with me and Steve Lawson teaching (Joel Beeke in Greenville). I am also doing a Saturday seminar on male leadership in the church. I think the Philadelphia finale is live web casted. Please pray for God's blessing on his Word.

I read that article by Rick Reilly, and I cried when I read about the tears running down Northrup's face. How sad that he lost his chance at his dream because he was put in that situation, and he had convictions. Why should any boy be put in a situation like that? How sad that our culture thinks that's OK.

>>It occurs to me that I should not pass up a chance for a gratuitous invitation to the 2011 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology...

Rick, your invitation isn't gratuitous at all, but gracious. I'll put it up on the main page. And the theme of adoption is much-needed and rare, today. God bless the preaching of His Word.


>>I read that article by Rick Reilly...

I sent Reilly an e-mail. Very sad to see his heart.


I'm very appreciative for the brothers Bayly (and many of their compatriots here in the Heartland) who do a great service to/for the church by their watchman-like vigilance on the "sexuality" wall.

At the same time, I hope we've all gotten to the point where our expectations for unbelievers seeing the big "E" on the eyechart of God's design for sexuality have collapsed entirely. We must. They are blind.

The fact that the church's vision is... er... fuzzy on this point, including many in the PCA who espouse the "they can/should do everything unordained men can do" should send us in love to them, to plead with them, and to pray for them that God might send a spirit of repentance to all of us for the various ways we've not lived-up to the high calling of being made in the image of God - male and female.

But unbelievers like Reilly? I have no hope that he'll "see" this - he's blind. Just as I was in a former life apart from Christ when my training partner in the olympic lifts was a young lady with a broad back and bulging biceps. Makes me want to vomit now, but then... not so much.

If we don't expect much (or anything), we can't be disappointed. We just know that their foolish hearts are darkened and plan accordingly. This "sexuality" issue is so much more than that as this recent brouhaha indicates.

Why would a homeschooling boy be participating in school sports anyway? Seems a bit hypocritical.


Exactly. I mean, why does a homeschool kid even leave home? If they love home so much they should just stay there.

My husband and I heard this and decided that this young man will make a great husband for some blessed young lady. We have nothing but admiration for his stand. May the Lord raise up more men like this one!


Hey Janine,
His parents pay taxes. Why shouldn't he be able to participate?

I thought homeschooled students were able to participate in extracurricular activities in their local public school -- various sports teams, band, choir, etc. -- because as Andrew Henry said, their parents are paying the same amount of school taxes whether their children are homeschooled, attend a parochial (Christian) or non-sectarian private school, a charter school, or attend the local school public schools. Makes sense to me.

I'm not sure what's hypocritical about taking classes in one place and playing sports in another, unless there are warrantless assumptions being made about the motivations for each choice. I think Ms. Anderson is just blindly casting about for reasons to undermine this young man's moral position because she doesn't like the implications of his beliefs and action.

I couldn't believe the video as I watched it...

The whole thing is perverted sexuality, but it should be especially noticeable watching Cassy ape adolescent male poses, then watching her coach try to slap her on the behind (see minute 1:15)

If the young man has the chops to be a college wrestler, wouldn't it be nice to see one of our so-called Christian colleges OR a Christian wrestling coach at Behemoth U. step-up and offer this young man a chance to wrestle - on scholarship - for them/him?

I'm not holding my breath.

#16 post linked above was a doozy, wasn't it?!

Read the comment referenced above (No. 16) at this link:

Forget everything above it--just read the comment from the wrestling coach.

Baylyblog's latest post references this California wrestling coach's comment (No. 16):


I admire this young man and his convictions. I think he was right to do what he did.

I do, however, want to challenge the 'pot-shot' taken at R2Kers at the end of the post. Your comment is nothing but a poor caricature. 2Kers do not believe faith has nothing to do with such decisions. In fact, read VanDrunen (one of the best proponents of this position): "Christians are Christians seven days a week, in whatever place or activity they find themselves, and thus they must always strive to live consistently with their profession of Christ...Every Christian has the obligation to make morally responsible decisions about his cultural endeavors..." (pg. 162, Living in God's Two Kingdoms).

I'm sure, if VanDrunen piped in here, he would say we should apply our faith to such decisions, but not expect the world to join us in affirming our decision. Moreover, we shouldn't expect them to agree with us when we argue from special revelation, since their eyes haven't been opened to receive it. Instead, we should (and can - on this point) find compelling reasons for such a position from creation and the common kingdom.

Dear Bill,

Fair enough. It's a pot shot and intentionally so. Which is to say its strength isn't logical support argued closely, but rather anecdotal evidence critics of R2K have seen through the years.

While R2Kers are disciplined in saying we can have our faith in public, the central thrust of their peculiar arguments (like those of the spirituality of the church men in the south prior to and during the Civil War) is peace in their time. Their main advocacy is that peculiar form of intentional and principled disengagement that, while claiming to allow a man to speak of his faith publicly, always finds reasons why that man is ignorant or misguided or lacking nuance or overzealous in what he says.

Somehow, while R2K errorists allow for simple Christians to take faithful positions publicly, they go on to warn that such simple Christians must not quote God and they must not this and they must be sure not to claim or imply they speak for the church or other Christians and on and on and on. Thus R2Kers take away with the second hand what they made a big show of giving with the first.


The girl's dad is quoted as saying, "She's my son ... She's always been my son."

And feminists protest that it's not about making women like men.

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