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(Tim, w/thanks...; this post has twice been revised: first, after a commenter provided a link to a video clip of a woman preaching in the Christ Reformed Church (physical) pulpit; and second, after receiving a complaint from Christ Reformed Church's pastor.)

A reader directed my attention to this post by an R2K pastor in D.C. who's busy marketing his congregation, Christ Reformed Church, to the incoming class of legislators. Christ Reformed is a United Reformed Church plant by a Westminster Seminary California grad who hangs with the ACE and White Horse Inn guys. He's brought Michael Horton to his church.  He's also brought Dr. Marva Dawn.

Here's a video clip of Dr. Dawn preaching on the subject "Preaching in the Capital." The clip is from Christ Reformed's "Sermon Podcast" page and here's an excerpt:

A lot of people who choose their pastor by whether or not she or he will preach the Gospel truly, or whether she or he will tickle ears. But we are called to be faithful to the Word, and not to allow people to turn away from the truth.

-Dr. Marva Dawn, Christ Reformed Church (URC), Washington D.C.

Help me, here: is it that as long as the one presiding over Lord's Day corporate worship is a man, nothing else matters? Realize that every Reformed Father from every prior generation would find this utterly repulsive.

But on to R2K: turns out R2K's revolutionary method of church-state relations is just the very old method practiced by other Evangelical intellectuals like Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis, but in Reformed drag...

Christ Reformed's pastor has rented a restaurant on the Hill and is marketing his ministry by inviting his civil magistrates to attend his seminar titled, "Christianity and Politics 101: What's Wrong with the Christian Right [and Left]."

I'm sensitive to a man being held accountable through his disciples, but if this group and her pastor are the fruit of Darryl Hart and Westminster in California and White Horse Inn, and if they still hang with him, we see one version of their fruit (at the very least).

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