"Suzy did not want a leader for a husband..."

(Tim, w/thanks to Michael F.) The men over at Pyromaniacs do excellent work. Read them regularly. Today, Dan Phillips posted "Are You Sure You Want a Husband Who...".  Don't miss it.


Read that this morning. Two thoughts occurred to me: "Wow, this is quite good." And, "This is like something I'd read at Bayly brothers." I think there's a connection.

Agreed. I read that earlier today and thought it was very insightful.

Of course you find it insightful and good. It affirms your misogynist delusions.

For the record our names our Fred and Kadence, Bart is a nickname.

Typo are, damn autocorrect!

The same "misogynist delusions" that all the Church Fathers (not to mention Jesus and Paul) had?

Are you really so historically and theologically naive, Fred and Kadence?

Or are you really a friend of the Baylys and are posting tongue-in-cheek?

My dad isn't a believer by any stretch of the imagination, but when my wife mentioned a dear friend who was making the "my husband doesn't lead" complaint, he noted that his best guess was that......like the Pyro team noted, she had exactly what she wanted.

I liked the conversation on Pyro, by the way, where the men were waiting for the other shoe to drop on Thursday. I guess part of "misogynist nonsense" is to confront men about their sins, too? :^)

By the way, the reason my dad made that comment is that in sales, part of his job was to make an educated guess about the thought process of his customers. There were some where that thought process meant that he couldn't get a bid no matter what--hence he'd simply let it go.

I don't believe that a believing husband has the option to just "let it go," but in the same way, forwarned is forearmed.

And again, all the times I've heard (and my wife has more often) Suzy making that complaint are a "misogynist delusion." Who needs hard data when you can throw accusation bombs?

(sorry, but I can't resist having some fun with this!) :^)

I was impressed. Has Dan Philips written other things that good?

>>Has Dan Philips written other things that good?

Yes, that's why I recommend "Pyromaniacs." Dan writes there with others, but has his own site titled "Biblical Christianity." Both are on our blogroll.


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