R.C. Sproul Sr. on abortion: "Pastors don't want to touch (it)..."

R.C. Sproul Discusses the Issue of Abortion from Ligonier on Vimeo.

(Tim) As it happened, when R.C. Jr. commented here on Baylyblog earlier today commending Dan Phillips' excellent piece on marriage over at Pyromaniacs, that very minute I was finishing a partial transcription of this video he and his Dad did on the occasion of Ligonier reissuing R.C. Sr.'s book, Abortion: A Rational Look at An Emotional Issue. In this interview, R.C. Sr. says this is the one book out of the seventy or so he's written that had the shortest shelf life of them all. When the book was first issued twenty years ago, he couldn't give them away. Good Reformed men didn't want to read what he had to say about abortion.

Here are a few summaries and excerpts from the interview...

R.C. Sr. says his book on abortion ("Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue") had the shortest shelf life of any of the seventy books he's written. So he's republishing it.

He goes on to indicate he'd produced a video series as a companion piece to the book, but evangelical churches wouldn't show the videos. One pastor told him he agreed with R.C. Sr. about abortion, but that he couldn't use the videos in his church because it would "divide the church."

R.C. Sr. says, twenty years ago when he wrote the book, he thought if we could convince people that the unborn baby was a life, people would oppose abortion. He says that, to his "utter astonishment," people now agree it's a human being, yet they have "no problems continuing the process" of murdering their unborn child.

R.C. Sr. makes a helpful distinction between a legal and moral right to abortion. Clearly it's a moral right that's being spoken of, he says, and people claiming that right is another indication of our culture's pervasive relatism.

R.C. Sr. says the biggest mistake of the Evangelical church is "their silence." Picketing abortuaries "may have some value," but that "wouldn't be my way." Instead, R.C. Sr. says he'd picket liberal churches that are pro-abortion. He thinks that would have "more impact (since) here is where the liberal undermines his liberalism."

R.C. Jr. says one of the reasons for the silence of the Evangelical church is that her souls have "blood" on their hands. The members of Evangelical churches have had abortions. He quotes the director of a crisis pregnancy center here. R.C. Sr. responds that some think the stats are as high in the church as outside the church and this is "another reason why pastors don't want to touch (the issue of abortion)."

R.C. Jr. asks R.C. Sr. if he thinks the day's going to come when "we're all going to look back (on abortion) with profound shame on it?"

R.C. Sr. responds, "I certainly hope so," and he goes on to make the comparison to the Holocaust of the Third Reich and to point out that abortion "is worse."

R.C. Sr. continues:

(With abortion) we have the most volatile, ethical, social, moral, issue in the history of the United States of America. And it's not just here; it's in the whole world... This is seen as the lowest point of corruption and of cultural disintegration that I can imagine. And like you say, what are my great-grandchildren going to say about my generation that let this happen?

...The whole point here is that the single-most most important task of any government is the protection and the maintenance and the support of human life. And if there's any place where our government has abdicated its responsibility under God to protect its people, it's with respect to the unborn child. Sandra Day O'Connor you know in that decision said that until there--up to the last (trimester)--until they're born they... the state has no compelling interest in them. What? What? The state has no compelling interest in protecting the life of my unborn children and of your unborn children! This...

I really can't imagine society sinking much lower than that, R.C. (Jr.), and it just, uh; it amazes me that it's tolerated. And it's tolerated every day. People have lost the capacity to blush over this issue. This is... this is not just evil. This is a monstrous evil. I've been a theologian; I've spent my whole life studying theology, teaching theology, and I can tell you, if I know anything about God, I know that God hates abortion. And I know that He will not tolerate this forever.


God has used Dr Sproul Senior to be so long faithful, and such a blessing to believers in our generation.

He is right to point out one of the greatest moral failings.

Were "human rights," or even the "pure religion" James speaks of to have any meaning, it would begin with and follow through the sanctity of human life, created in the image of God.

Thanks for showing us yet more good fruit God has borne through the life of this dear saint, as well as our relative collective indifference to a matter of such importance in the Kingdom of God.

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