Mothers, don't exasperate your children...

(Tim, w/thanks to Lucas and several others) After everyone's been discussing the article for quite a while and the Bayly children have finished their argument over which of them grew up during the American and which the Chinese years of our family administration, I thought I should clue the rest of you in on the fun of reading this article on Chinese childrearing (actually motherhood). Then, when youv'e finished that piece, read this one responding to the first. The animation was also inspired by Chua's article.


Which came first, the Chinese or the American years?

Kids say Dad was Chinaman until last child. Dad says he only became Chinaman with last child. Kids say Dad is Americaman with grandchildren. Dad says grandchildren have Chinaman mothers and need American Nana and Bappa.

Kids say Mom nice. Dad says Mom nice. Mom says nothing.

Both these articles were extremely entertaining to read! I feel conflicted about admitting which type of parents we undoubtedly are.

But I will drop some hints: oldest daughter has been asking to take piano lessons for maybe a million months, but mom has not wanted to commit to driving all over town for lessons. Oldest daughter is doing quite well being self-taught, it's only that mom sometimes gets tired of hearing her practice and makes her stop. "Please mom, can't I play a little longer?" whines oldest daughter.

Son is also self-taught in guitar because mom has conveniently not found him a teacher.

Yesterday, family attends a spelling bee that oldest daughter was insistent on going to. The whole car ride to the bee, Dad tells children how much he hates spelling bees and any academic competition for that matter and why are they spending a perfectly good Saturday morning doing this...

You know you're kids are going to messed up when BOTH you're parents are the same way.

I have a hard time seeing how a child raised in that house could understand the concept of grace, know genuine humility, or learn to accept failure. But, the lady has some good points as well- as a music teacher I'm constantly telling kids, it's not going to be fun until you put in the blood, sweat, and tears to learn how to do it!

She should probably be saying -- "First-Generation Asian Immigrant Mother..."

The way children are reared in China is quite different from her description. Taiwan and Korea, also.

That video is really messed up.

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