If two are better than one, why not seven or ten...

(Tim, w/thanks to Michael) Slate considered the matter and offers an opinion:

...when he sits down to type, Julian Assange reverts to an antiquated habit that would not have been out of place in the secretarial pools of the 1950s: He uses two spaces after every period. Which—for the record—is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong.


You really need to let this go.[space][space] Just let it go.

It really depends on the computer font. Realy.

erk. I guess that last mispell realLy disqualifies me from saying anything... ;-/

It's true this question looks back to the days when proportional and non-proportional (monospace) fonts were both common, but really, the hoarse is ded:


From Wikipedia: "Examples of style guides that recommend single sentence spacing include: the Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (2010), the Oxford Style Manual (2003), Kate Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations 7th Edition (2007)...."

I think you just need to accept that by the time we are all very old, the habit will be dead. However, for those of us where received HOURS worth of training at an impressionable age teaching us to double up on spaces, it is a habit we will likely never break. What can I say? In this, I am a product of an educational system that failed to anticipate the terrible virtual ostracization that would someday follow this digital faux pas.

Tim, Tim, Tim. You are trying to convince me to write in a certain way according to *modern* style guides? Really? Now what does an 18th or 19th century guide say?


I just wanted Tim to know he wasn't alone in his frustration.

" 'Examples of style guides that recommend single sentence spacing include: '"


I suppose we're supposed to follow their recommendations on gender neutral language too?  That "him or her" and "his and hers" twaddle?

Fr. Bill,
that's an excellent point.

Double-spacing is simply another manifestation of God's grace of distinction.

. Here?
. [space]Here.

I am 26. I was not taught the double space. yet I am both an advocate of the double-space, and an opponent of the serial comma. How's that for being old-fashioned.

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