The good shepherd knows his sheep--by name...

CNPC:1 (Tim) Two weeks from now, we'll be holding the ClearNote Fellowship Pastors Conference. It will go from Thursday dinner to Friday afternoon, so it'll be no problem for you to be home for Lord's Day worship. If you're an elder or pastor, or aspire to those offices, we invite you to attend. (Since God has ordered these offices be held only by men, please understand registration is limited to men.)

Our subject is pastoral care. Thursday night, my brother, David, will preach on...

the absence of pastoral care in our churches, and the need for that care to be restored. Then Friday morning Pastor Stephen Baker will examine the relationship between pastoral care and what we commonly call "counselling." Before lunch, Pastor Dave (Max) Curell will speak of pastoral care and church discipline--not simply formal discipline, but the much more common informal discipline that's an integral (and often invisible) part of the church's life and fellowship. Finally, at the dreaded sleepathon right after lunch, I will preach on pastoral care in preaching--that sermons devoid of intimacy in personal rebuke, encouragement, and admonition don't rise to the level of preaching.

Following dinner and our first session Thursday evening, everyone's invited to my home for fellowship.

If you know you need encouragment and rebuke to be a faithful pastor or elder, there's still room and I hope you'll join us! We'll love you and expect you to love us. Then, home we go to do a better job loving our wives, children, and sheep.

It's not too late: register now and invite your pastor or elders to join you. And if you have any questions, send me an e-mail.


really looking forward to it, Tim.

one question - is there good coffee to be found in Bloomington? those of us from the NW have pretty discriminating tastes.



In my opinion "good coffee" is an oxymoron. After three years in the NW I still have virgin lips. ;-}

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference. I'll be the one drinking water.

Local roasters and Starbucks, dear brother. Looking forward...


There are several spots to go for good coffee in Btown, depending on what you prefer.

Several downtown restaurants serve coffee that is locally roasted daily, and of course, there's always Starbucks.

When you get here, ask around and we can point you in the right direction.

Or, if you're feeling generous, you can bring enough beans to share and we'll hook you up with a good conical burr grinder and a french press.

Robert...I rebuke you, indeed!

Will CDs be available for those not attending?

Brother Pete,

I'd be happy to introduce you to a different kind of quality:
1 gallon of gas: $3.10 (less in Mississippi)
1 cup of Starbucks: $3.00 or thereabouts. I forget what the coffee shops charge in Bloomington.

190 cups of Dollar General Instant (there's more to life than pleasure): $2.00

I'll be happy to bring some to the conference if you like. Cheaper than water. Keeps for years. Could be the answer to current economic troubles. (Also has curious effects on blood pressure but that may just be me)

thanks, Andrew...I'm reminded of something C.S. Lewis said somewhere about being content with making mud pies in the slums despite the fact that we have been offered a holiday at the beach. what was it he said? "We are far too easily satisfied"? :)

all kidding aside, I'm much more excited about meeting you all and having you meet my elders than what the coffee's like there.

"The good shepherd knows his sheep--by name..." I hope you talk about the importance of this literally--- of having a written list of sheep that all the elders and pastors can look at to learn their names, faces, and even other info. I bet most churches do fall down at that first step of finding out names.

Denver et al.,

The conference will be recorded, and we'll have the audio up on



I am really curious about the office of elder. I. In the best sense. what does an elder do in direct relationship with the flock? What is pastoral care?

Any plans to post recordings of the sessions on the site?

Note to self: see comment #11


I'm encouraged by your persistence! Unfortunately, we had to cancel the conference this year due to the weather. It was scheduled the same week that the ice storm hit the midwest! We are working on plans to hold the conference next year at around the same time, and we will certainly keep folks informed as we solidify plans.



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