Four out of five babies slaughtered in NYC from Black or Hispanic communities...

(Tim) The Midtown Pregnancy Support Center (MPSC) in Manhattan just sent out this announcment:


Dear (John Doe),
Though it is last minute, MPSC wanted to alert you to an important gathering of pastors and community leaders, led by Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to discuss the targeting of minority communities by the abortion industry, happening this evening at 7 pm.

A new study released last week shows that 79% of New York City's nearly 90,000 abortions per year were from the Black and Hispanic communities. Dr. King will be addressing this issue as well as the pending legislation in the New York City Council that is aimed at crippling Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

The meeting will be this evening, Monday, January 10 (7 pm) at the Manhattan Bible Church, located at 401 West 205th Street.

Their reference to "the pending legislation in the New York City Council that is aimed at crippling Crisis Pregnancy Centers" has to do with the same matter raised here on Baylyblog two months ago.


That's surprising. I would have guessed the percentage to be higher than that. Sadly.

I have seen British data which suggests that the abortion rate in poorer areas, is a lot higher than in middle-class or wealthy ones. So also is the live birth rate, for that matter. And this is true in areas where race is not really an issue.

So, is it the case that poverty is more of an causative factor/issue than race in this tragedy? I don't know, but if blacks and Hispanics are much more likely to be poor than whites, then it is no suprise that this correlates with what is observed in the abortion rates.

There is certainly an inverse relationship between income and live birth rates - poorer communities have more babies - that is also worth pondering over. As usual, comment & criticisms of these ideas welcome.

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