UConn's women's team sets women's record of women's victories over other women's teams playing women's basketball...

(Tim) Watching men in dresses gives me the same kick I get watching women march in uniform on the parade ground or run up the basketball court. But of course, thirty years ago I would have been all for them.

Ah, but I was so much older then.

I'm younger than that now.


Thanks for the laugh.

Now come on--I bet they could have gotten the same record playing boys teams from small high schools.

Until they met Milan on the court, of course. And somehow I don't think they'd be scheduling King, Simeon, or Ben Davis.

Not sure I understand the problem you have with women playing basketball. It's a game in which a bunch of people try to throw a ball through a hoop. The UConn women are a lot better at this than the other women's teams. Is there some biblical precedent about women not playing sports that I am not aware of? I don't think anyone reasonable would interpret their choice of shorts and basketball jerseys as anything other than the wearing of the logical attire for exercise, certainly not as an attempt to look like men.

Dear Roger,

I have no problem with womanly women playing basketball or soccer or baseball, nor womanly women wearing clothing that dignifies them with feminine modesty during such activities. But I've been to an IU women's basketball game and noted the preponderance of self-affirming public lesbians in attendance there.

Thus your perception that (if it's fair to put it this way) women's basketball is not about women looking like or acting like men runs contrary to my observation, at least on the level of IU and the WNBA.

UConn's women's basketball coach made it clear his team being comprised of women had nothing--absolutely and certainly and without exception nothing--to do with their being women. Rather, he made it clear that it was an achievement of sexless persons.


Female sports are indeed a haven for lesbians just as the visual hearts and theater fields are heavily populated by gay men. But no one is suggesting not going to a gallery or play because of the rate of homosexuality in those industries, so I don't see how one can't or shouldn't support women's teams because there happen to be several lesbians involved. Playing basketball doesn't make a woman less womanly, no more than being involved in painting, acting or dance makes a man less manly. Those are all just surface things, and it's the character of the man or woman which determines whether he or she is being as masculine or feminine as God wants them to be.

That should be visual "arts," not "hearts." Sorry about the mistake.

I've always thought having a huge fan base for women's sports was kind of dumb. I'm not saying that being the best women's basketball team among a certain group of colleges isn't quite a feat. But insofar as it is entertaining, I want to watch men play. Why? Because they are faster and stronger and much more impressive to watch in these venues. Now, if I want to watch figure skating, I prefer watching women, because they have a finesse on the ice that men just don't have.

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