Redemptive-Historical rap...

(Tim) At our recent Christmas Sing-A-Long, Church of the Good Shepherd's Mike Lockett rapped a Redemptive-Historical sermon he'd written that had me meditating on the basic doctrinal truths of God's Word. Ask some of your own young men to write a rap that preaches the Fall, the Incarnation, and the Atonement, then send a recording to us for posting here on Baylyblog. Thanks, Mike and Taylor, for busting me out of my ghetto.

The Redemptive History


The full Sing-A-Long can be enjoyed online here.


That's hard to watch. I loved Mike, but seeing stillness in the crowd was just weird.

Should have seen us five years ago!

Weirdness is unavoidable when you have the mixing of cultures.

Hi, looks like it became a concert instead of a sing along. too bad, it is so fun to sing Christmas songs to glorify God at this time of the year. And yes, I still put 2 spaces after a period. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hoping a great new year.

with love,


Dear Suzi,

There were one or two new/unfamiliar songs in the Sing-A-Long, but everything else was easy for everyone to sing.

A Handel Messiah sing-along where everyone sings the arias and recitatives would be pretty funny!

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