Redeemer Presbyterian Church's seminary in Dallas...

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Discipline, denominations, and blogs...

Abortion, "prophetic rhetoric," and "over the top condemnations"...


David and Tim, I think the headline here only further confuses the situation.

Just to (hopefully) clarify -

There is no Redeemer Presbyterian Church that has a Seminary in Dallas. There may be some people who think that there is a Seminary in Dallas that has a Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Austin as well, but that would also be just as mistaken.

Redeemer Theological Seminary, while enjoying a close relationship with Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas (North Texas Presbytery, PCA), is governed by the Seminary Board and not by the PCPC Session, and certainly not by the Session of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Austin (South Texas Presbytery, PCA), where the Seminary holds extension classes. It also holds extension classes in Houston at Christ the King Presbyterian Church (Houston Metro Presbytery, PCA). Nor is the Seminary under the governance of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, whatever appreciation for Dr Keller and that congregation there may be among seminary faculty and governors.

I appreciate that the use of the same names by multiple institutions can cause confusion, and at least in Austin this may prove to be an issue that demands perpetual clarification. I hope this clears the muddy water a bit.

Maybe a better headline might be -

Redeemer Theological Seminary of Dallas...

Dear David,

I feel your pain, but "Redeemer" is a trademark known across the world. It has great value to men wanting upper middle class and highly educated congregations. That's why people name things "Redeemer." It communicates a soft and gentle approach to Reformed convictions and a look at the birdie marketing posture with respect to sexuality. Maybe also, preaching that is more psychological than theological, perfectly tuned to the narcissism of postmoderns. Stuff like that.

If words mean something, names all the more, dear brother. When they hear about Redeemer in Dallas, the namers' intent was for them to think about Redeemer in New York City and the things it represents. We all know what those things are.

Sure enough, Craig posts a quote where one of Redeemer's main men talks nonsense about woman officers and deacons not having authority, and no surprise, the note the trademark communicates is struck there at the Dallas franchise.

Brand marketing. Trademark. Name.


I find you kind and sincere, but maybe a little short on acknowledging the liabilities you face. Would it be better if I changed the headline to "Redeemer Seminary's church in New York City?"

If Redeemer in Austin and the seminary in Dallas want to carry on Calvin's and Machen's work and zeal today, I'd recommend changing your names. Until then, everyone will think "Redeemer Presbyterian Church's seminary in Dallas" and "Redeemer Presbyterian Church's daughter church in Austin."


Well since we had the name first, I think we'll keep it, whatever others may think, and whatever liabilities that may entail. I appreciate the concern you express and hopefully we can continue to be faithful to the calling we have received. We've received great blessing in our partnership with the Seminary and anticipate that continuing as well.

With thanks for your fellowship in the Gospel,


Dear David,

I changed the title of this post earlier today, but realized your comment made no sense with a new title, so changed it back. Thanks for your work in the Lord.


Thanks for the change - and for the reversal. That said, it wouldn't be the first time one of my comments made no sense! Thank you again for the interaction on the issue, and my best to you and yours this Christmas. May God make you even more fruitful in Bloomington than any could ever ask or imagine.


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