Benedict XVI, woman officers, and the Creation Order...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Kevin) Roman Catholic leader, Benedict XVI, recently responded to those critical of Roman Catholics for not having woman officers. He makes several simple statements you'd wait years to hear on the floor of most Reformed denominational meetings. When it comes to the foundational issue, though, he misses the ball.

The church doesn't have women officers, not because our Lord chose men as His Apostles, but because...

God created Adam first, then Eve. That is the archetype. It's called Order of Creation and it's the fountainhead from which everything else flows.

Our Lord chose men for His Apostles because His Father placed fatherhood in the male of the species, naming the species, both him and her, "adam" or "man." He made Adam first, then Eve, commanding that for this reason woman is not to teach or exercise authority over man.

In other words, when He chose men as His Apostles, Jesus submitted to His Father's will already made clear in the Garden prior to the Fall. God's Order of Creation is the cornerstone on which the language of Scripture, the order of marriage, the structure of society, and the officers of the church are built.

We may defy God's Creation Order by the incremental normalization of sodomy we see today in the battle to repeal President Clinton's don't ask, don't tell policy. We may defy God's Creation Order by the incremental normalization of feminism we see today in the battle led by Tim Keller to place woman officers on our boards of deacons.

But God will not be mocked. We will reap what we've sown to our sinful natures.