Wasted days and wasted nights...

(Tim, w/thanks to Scott) Some of Church of the Good Shepherd's work is a Saturday men's class called David's Mighty Men. Stephen Baker and I teach, then the men meet in smaller groups for accountability and recitation of their Scripture memory. It's a two-year course of study and as practical as true godliness will always be. We teach male and female, courting, marriage, childbearing, work, authority and submission, fatherhood, church, doctrine...

Right from the beginning, we tell the men that we're out to kill "guyland." What's guyland?

Particularly for young men, guyland's almost always pornography, sports, or video games. Do you know how many men in your church are flunking out of life because...

they live in a dank, dreary, dark cave wasting away their lives playing video games? Read this article, then look for the men in your church or family who resemble this man's living death. They're there. Be a church father and look.

Then start David's Mighty Men. Join us in discipling men toward true godliness, which is always true manliness. Think David's Mighty Men. And if you want help, send us an e-mail.


Email link is not working for me......but that said, maybe it would be good for you to give references on your blog or elsewhere so that others might shamelessly copy what you're doing.

>>Email link is not working for me...

Thanks, it's fixed. Do e-mail us.


I've been thinking about "guyland" lately as I've been slogging through Moby Dick. While guyland seems like a modern phenomenon, as I wonder in amazement at what would drive a man to forgo a life on clean, solid land with the joys of a woman's love so that he could spend years at a time on a filthy, cramped ship with an all male crew, I've become convinced that every generation has had some form of escape from becoming a father to others. And yet, at least whalers went to bed sore, took risk, looked out for one another, and had something to show for their diversions other than a new high score on the latest video game.

Tim - just in passing, but do you have a fair representation of the single men in your church, at David's Mighty Men? Especially the ones past thirty.

(Just that I'm interested in writing discipleship material for single men /as/ single men, not just as men waiting to marry)

Practical seems to be a buzzword of the Evangelical church. Sermons on loving your wife and money management come to mind, and I did sit through these in my teens. In my own reformed church now, we often hear the pastor contrasting the do of law to the done of the gospel. So what is the correct place of the practical in the church? Is it more appropriate to teach practicality in Might Men compared to a main sermon?

Todd, perhaps we ought to make the connection between some of the images of Scripture more obvious in our practical applications. When speaking of marriage, for example, the wealth of examples of marriage being a picture of God's love for us--breaking the bonds of marriage isn't just adultery, but also blasphemy.

I am just trying to understand what an accountability group does when it does it right. The groups I've been involved with go something like this: I did x, y, and z this week. Response: you shouldn't do x, y, and z.

Methinks it needs to get beyond mere deeds/habits and into the realm of what Jonathan Edwards would call "religious affections." That said, I'm eagerly awaiting what I hear from our dear brothers at CGS.

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