Telling God what He's not allowed to say...

(Tim, w/thanks to Chris) Several have done yeoman's work putting together lists of the thousands of places Zondervan/Biblica's employees have changed the original Hebrew and Greek inspired by the Holy Spirit in order to produce their new line of Bible products (NIV 2010). Note the examples below showing how they've silenced the Word of God in order to keep postmoderns from accusing Scripture of being sexist, antisemitic, and homophobic. Gagging God is alive and well.

Ancestors. Acts 15. Jews. John 5. John 18. Word change stats. Homosexuality (1Corinthians 6:9).

This is a systematic attack on the words and Word of God.


Thanks for putting this in one organized place, Tim!

I confess, it is much worse than I thought.

My top 3 [old]/NEW:

1) "He [made no distinction] DID NOT DISCRIMINATE between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith."

It is comforting to know that God is so tolerant, and that He understands our postmodern nondiscriminatory sensitivities...

2) IN HIS DEFENSE Jesus said to them, 'My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.'"

Because Jesus was all about defending himself and offending nobody...

3) "Do you not know that your [body is a temple] BODIES ARE TEMPLES of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your [body] BODIES."

Because it's not like it matters that Paul was, you know, writing to a particular local church, a body (singular) of believers...

The omission of “malakoi", the "soft" sort of homosexual (NASB: "effeminate"), seems to me to be particularly egregious. I looked at some other translations, some combine it into one concept (Wycliff, ESV), but most translate it as two separate sorts of homosexual (KJV, NKJV, NASB, HCSB, ASV, Luther). Luther's is perhaps the best: "Weichlinge" -- our word for "sissy."

The Eternal Word the Inspired Word must be followed and not a commentary in faithfull Bible translations.The Textus Receptus is the fullest and close to the Original.The shorter Critical text is not to be trusted and produses shorter untrust worry Bibles.

I wanted to comment on an earlier post where comments are closed. In my 1871 Liddell Scott Lexicon, the entry for adelphos reads,

adelphos - brother

pl. adelphoi - brothers and sisters

[NOTE FROM TIM BAYLY: This comment is by a certain Suzanne who is likely the most vociferous voice on the web today promoting godless feminist ideology in the comments under blog posts written by Christians. Her typical strategy is here well-represented. She selectively quotes entries from Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in such a way as to deny that God made Adam first, then Eve; that God made Eve from Adam; that Adam named Eve; that God went to Adam, alone, for an explanation of his eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; that it is from Adam that we inherit Original Sin--not Eve (and this despite it being Eve who first sinned); that it is woman, not man, who is told to keep silent in the church; that husbands and fathers are given the right to nullify vows taken by wives or daughters, but not wives and daughters the vows of their husbands and fathers; that God forbids woman to teach or exercise authority over man; that God commends Sarah calling her husband, Abraham, "Lord," but never any husband for calling his wife, "Lord;" that God is the pater from Whom all patria gets its name; that our Lord chose twelve men as His disciples, and not one woman; that Scripture commands wives to obey their husbands in everything; that as more than one honest and secular feminist has observed, "Scripture is hopelessly patriarchal."

But Suzanne chugs on with her rebellion, showing a terrifying absence of the fear of God.

So here in this comment, she tells us that, a century and a half ago, an authoritative Greek dictionary defined the Greek word 'adelphoi' as "brothers and sisters."

Well of course it did, Suzanne. But you write as if "brothers and sisters" is the only meaning for 'adelphoi' when you know very well there are many places in Classical and Koine Greek where it means only (male) "brothers." So why did you leave that out? What motivates you to record Liddell-Scott's definition of 'adelphoi' to be only "brothers and sisters?"

Actually, I don't want to know because your endless words are never pursuing truth, but only lies in service of rebellion. So be gone and don't return until you've repented of your rebellion against God and His Word.

This blog is not tolerant of rebellion against God whether that rebellion is sodomy, Pelagianism, racism, or feminism. And I say this in true love, as pastors and elders and Titus 2 women have always had towards those they must silence with all authority; Tim Bayly]

As far as I know the very earliest Greek English lexicons listed adelphoi as meaning "brothers and sisters." This is because Elektra and her brother were called adelphoi, as well as other named brothers and sisters in Greek literature.

Grudem and Poythress indicate that they did not look this up in the LSJ lexicon when they drafted the gender translation guidelines and this has lead to a long series of misunderstandings.

[NOTE FROM TIM BAYLY: Actually, no. The "Colorado Springs Guidelines" went through a brief period of review and revision before being put out in final form a few months after our initial meeting. This quote you're taking out of context is referring to those few weeks of review and revision and those of us who produced and signed those Guidelines have never said that the review and revision process led to any "long series of misunderstandings." So again, stop your endless misleading of the People of God.

Those who are interested in a good essay on this matter of the feminist revision of Scripture concerning the proper translation of 'adelphos' and 'adelphoi' will find this helpful: ]

I'd find it slightly less worrisome if the feminist revisionists stuck with trying to let girls into the "brotherhood". But the revisionists have lied to us since this controversy began in 1997 and Cathie Kroeger and Stan Gundry stood up in front of a packed room at the CBE conference and promised (cross my heart and all that) such language would never be used of God.

Well, they lied. They knew that such translations already had tampered with OT Christological references like Psalm 1:1. And not too many years after that, we had CBE's president, Mimi Haddad asking us, "What language shall we use?" which openly embraced calling God mother.

Thankfully, their blog has recently pulled the link to a woman who used to write for them and isn't even satisfied with calling God "mother", she has to invent the neologism, "godde" (pronounced gawdy, as far as I know). I guess that was a step too far -- at least for now.

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