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SixDaysOld (Tim) I don't know where this came from, but it's beautiful. And instructive.

When Christians (like one of my former elders who's a pharmacist) say they have no objection to abortion in the first few days or weeks of life; that there's no life or image of God in the first few days or weeks of the life of man, and thus they're willing to fulfill prescriptions for chemical abortifacients that kill the baby in the first few days or weeks of life; look very closely at this picture. This is the man they approve of murdering, or themselves murder.

Yes, 'murder' is the proper word. Anything less would further obscure the wickedness of our bloodthirsty nation.

Two days ago, Mary Lee was at the birth of another baby of our church who is the product of our congregation's faithful witness outside Planned Parenthood's abortuary here in Bloomington...

The young single mother told the OB nurse who delivered her son (the doc didn't make it on time) that she had been in the abortuary with the drug in her hand, ready to take it, when the voices outside hit her heart and she turned and walked out.

CGS women had promised her help, calling out as she went in as they always do with the women intent on murdering their babies. They'd told her they would help her in any way she needed or wanted. (And this goes for both those who choose to murder their babies and those who choose to bear their babies to term--we'll help any of them.)

So this young mother got rid of the murder-pill, came out, and remembering the name of the church our women had mentioned, she looked it up in the phone book and showed up at worship on Sunday morning.

Our Heavenly Father arranged it that the first person she saw in the church was dear Ginger Mahoney and she's been a part of our congregation ever since. She was here at our home for dinner last Sunday morning.

You know, intellectuals tell us ideas have consequences.

Praise God for the birth of this now-covenant son! We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made, and we know it very well, don't we?


Wow. Thank You, Lord.

Great story of God's timely grace. You might want to read about how my Theo saved a life too.

To the Christian critics of pro-life activism who claim that it distracts from the Gospel spreading mission, your wonderful example shows that its quite the opposite. In fact, a local actively pro-life pastor in my area mentioned that based on his experience, about 70% of the women who come into the pregnancy crisis center for help eventually become Christians at some point in the process. Standing out there for the life of the child and making ourselves available to the mothers is simply part and parcel of the gospel mission. Pro-life is an ACTION, and getting involved is moving beyond a "be warm and filled" type of Christianity and actually doing something loving for our neighbor which then opens so many doors for the Gospel.

So odd that you find a fetus "beautiful", yet you spend no time caring for any "beautiful" infants or toddlers.

How many of those fetuses you saved have you cared for?

Or do they stop being so beautiful after they are born?

When you are willing to actually care for the babies you save -- or any babies for that matter-- then you will have an opinion worth listening to.

Janine, Hold your tongue. You know not about what you speak, or you choose to ignore the many posts that speak with true affection for those brought into Tim's family through birth, adoption, or pastoral care.

I think "Janine" is a spambot programmed to key on certain words. This same program is manifestly unable to comprehend that those key words such as "abortifacents" and "fetus" would also go along with actions such as caring for babies, changing dirty diapers and all the beautiful messiness that loving life and loving babies and their mothers entails.

Ask the woman talked about in the post if her newborn baby is being cared for and loved by those who helped save it from destruction. I have an educated guess as to what the answer would be...

Janine obviously didn't read the blog entry.

Praise God for this wonderful example of Christian love and care for women and their babies!

This post made my day, thank you!

I'm the dad of five kids, and Janine suggests I care for no infants or toddlers? :^)

Seriously, the crisis pregnancy centers I've been associated with have had a lot of services for the little ones and their parents, from "Goodwill" style food and clothing outlets to housing and medical assistance.

One thing troubles me; how was that picture taken? I had the same response at the in utero exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.....

Absolutely stellar.


What an idiot thing to say!


With Love,

Jennifer and Bart

* * *

[NOTE FROM TIM BAYLY: Making their comment, "Bart and Jennifer" lied, so I've pulled most of their comment.]

Without giving details that might make the gentlemen squirm, I have to say that not only did God give Jackson life, He gave Amber a beautiful, peaceful, faith-filled, gentle, glorious birth, and blessed this child of His as he came to his first meal. God proved Himself to Amber, and to all the others in the room. Thank you Jesus!

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