NIV 2010: Follow the money...

(Tim) Speaking of the goose that lay the golden egg, each year Zondervan pays Biblica royalties of around $6,000,000. It's out of these royalties, I suspect, Doug Moo and his colleagues on the Committee for Bible Translation are paid.

And keep in mind these royalties are not Zondervan's profit.


The problem isn't that Bible translation committees get paid. The problem is that publishers do. This encourages for-profit corporations to produce Bibles that scratch somebody's itch - which is an appalling thing to do to the word of God.

One solution (that Doug Wilson has advocated) is for the copyright to belong to a denomination or group of denominations rather than a for-profit publisher.

If any Biblically Reformed denomination wants to take up this task, I am willing to donate my time as one of the translators.

David makes a good comment, and perhaps one of the biggest things we can do to rein in publishing houses is simply to refuse to buy "marketed" Bibles. When we've got Bibles with commentary targeted at any number of groups (Plumber's Study Bible with section on how pants should fit, Ladies of the Night Study Bible.....), we simply assure ourselves that instead of edifying the body, we are splitting it along lines of "this teaching is appropriate to this subgroup."

>>The problem isn't that Bible translation committees get paid.

Dear David,

I've responded to this at length in a new post, "Only the beginning: Bible publishers, Bible society execs, and Bible translators should disclose their pay and its sources..."


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