Giving thanks for true love...

(Tim) In the preface to his book, Alias Shakespeare, the late Joe Sobran wrote: "I would much rather be in the tradition of great American cranks like Thoreau, Ambrose Bierce, Lysander Spooner, and H. L. Mencken, than belong to the mass of scholars who, ever mindful of tenure, promotion, grants, and that last infirmity of ignoble minds, respectability, never deviate from scholarly consensus."

Everyone wants to have led a scientific revolution, but where's the man willing to lead one?

This Thanksgiving, I thank God for the nobility and fear of God that led Joe Sobran and Joe Bayly to deviate from the consensus and to oppose the regnant racism and sexism that deny the moral agency of blacks, women, and Jews...

Recognizing their characteristic sins and the bondage those sins have produced, my Joes were fearless prophets who refused to disrespect people groups by assuming those groups' incapacity to receive rebuke. If the Holy Spirit is right when He tells us it's the father who loves his son who disciplines him, then the discipline of blacks, women, and Jews by my Joes is the clear proof of their love.

The panderer is the racist, sexist, or antisemite.

May God raise up many more Joes whose love is true.


Who disciplined your Joes, then?

The question is not rhetorical. The breakdown in the 1960s of what one might call a culture of discipline - in family, church, society - has given us a situation in which leaders don't discipline effectively because they did not grow up in a culture of discipline, so don't know how, don't see the need, or both.

For example. At a church level, that leaves us with too many leaders who are unwilling to discipline because of the fear that others will leave in sympathy if this happens. People tend to move on from churches much, much, more than they are told to move on, but that is not really a fix for things.

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