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(Tim, w/thanks to David G.) In the particular denomination calling itself the Presbyterian Church in America, here's what it's all come down to. WWTD.

This as reported by the PCA's monthly promo magazine, byFaith:

[Tall Steeple Pastor Number One] emphasizes the need to find and celebrate shared animating values within the denomination. But this shift will need to come from the top, he says.

Leadership has to cultivate a sense of what these animating values are, and that will involve risk. We will have to celebrate things in common that will disappoint those within our own animating values culture.” But, he says, this will lead to greater denominational unity and mission, better communication, and ultimately greater joy, enabling us to “give each other joy in ministry—not just survive each other.”

As an example, [Tall Steeple Pastor Number One] describes the growing friendship between himself--self-described as gravitating toward a traditional church model and “the ordinary means of grace”--and [Tall Steeple Pastor Number Two] who is known for his bent toward contextualization and cultural engagement. (In recent years, [Tall Steeple Pastors Numbers One and Two] have frequently spoken from different points of view at denominational forums on topics ranging from women’s roles to the direction of the PCA.)

“Just by interacting with [Tall Steeple Pastor Number Two], I’ve learned how much theologically we have in common, and I’ve learned to see my own blind spots and compensate for them,” said [Tall Steeple Pastor Number One].

These days, [Tall Steeple Pastor Number One] says, when thinking over a theological or ministry issue, he tends to ask himself: “If I said this to [Tall Steeple Pastor Number Two], how would he respond?”

Yes, yes; the world's been waiting for covert evangelism. Overt is, like, totally passé. Then too, check out those things he calls "values."

"The shifts ...need to come from the top, he says." What could make us feel more secure than [Tall Steeple Pastor Number One's] men at "the top" defining and helping our core values to ambulate? Think of the Supreme Court. Think of the Senate and House of Representatives. Think of the White House. It's up at the "top" where tall steeple pastors reside that "things need to come from" before we'll get "joy."


Trust me. It won't be the rich and famous who reform the Church.