Theologian and international speaker, Carolyn Custis James, helps John Piper explain complementarianism to Religious Newswriters...

(Tim, w/thanks to Jesse) I never read which books are making which Christians how much money, nowadays. Growing up in the epicenter of Wheaton's giggling excitement over academic and publishing fashions, it's been almost twenty years since I made the commitment to stop subscribing to Christianity Today and Leadership, and to keep away from any and all news sources reporting on the latest product being offered by the Temple's moneychangers.

But I get links. Boy do I get links. And every now and then, against my better judgment, I take a peek. Shouldn't, but do. So here's a video of a self-promotional spiel given by Ms. Custis James to the Religious Newswriters Association. They say the topic was "The New Calvinists," but after the first half, Ms. Custis James' talk inevitably turns back to the one string she perpetually plucks to the exclusion of her harp's other ten thousand strings...

Around the eighth minute: "(The new Calvinism) is a predominanly masculine movement. (Women) are the secondary audience, in many ways." And so on...

Loved the whole pomo schtick about the Reformation being about "asking questions," and how the Reformers give Ms. Custis James the freedom to ask women's questions, today. Also found her talk about "My books" and "My work" and "My ministry" and "My research" and "My books" and "My study" and "My books" to be quite informative.

Then came the Q&A. Watch this clip beginning at 7:00 and you'll see why complementarians have done more harm than good. Note carefully John's failure to quote the 1Timothy 2 statement about God's order of creation, and how clearly he limited this unfortunate aspect of the New Calvinism to "the church," then turned and was so careful to commend Ms. Custis James and all she represents.

Of course Ms. Custis James did not return the favor, but instead spoke of this complementarianism as just "one segment" of the New Calvinism, going on to claim that the New Calvinists also have an "egalitarian" arm.

Then this howler: "Historically, there weren't gender statements in the writings of the Reformers."

No one there that day thought God's Order of Creation was a part of the Gospel message that would be helpful in calling either these Religious Newswriters or their readers to repentance and faith. Rather, God's beautiful gift of sex was treated as a little tiny issue that made the New Calvinists sorta tight in one small area of our private church life. But not to worry. We think women in leadership--women like Carolyn Custis James, here--are just peachy keen so long as they let us have women in the pulpit and holding the office of elder (if your chuch has any elders).


Wow, this is pathetic. She isn't even trying to hide it.

Wow, I am surprised she didn't come out of her seat when Piper said the big problem is the feminization of the church.

Okay, Carolyn, name some "Young Restless and Reformed" egalitarians. Let's start with one. One name.

Egalitarianism and apostasy go together hand and glove. Witness the CRC.

What's pathetic here -- abysmally pathetic -- is John Piper's "gentlemanliness."

Who has the cajones to stand up for genuinely held convictions, to challenge, admonish, and belittle what she deems to be pernicious? It's the woman, not the man.

No wonder complementarians are damaged reeds, unable to hold themselves up, much less to challenge heresies that rend the church asunder.They're just following their leaders.

Blech. Gak gak. Yeeeeeesh. Gag me with a spoon already.

I'm sorry - this is so pathetic it makes my teeth hurt.

Fr. Bill, my first thought upon watching this is if a "complementarian" wasn't there to give her the of a WWE body slam, he shouldn't have been there at all. When you sit on a panel and defer and speak softly, you confer legitimacy. I'm surprised no one informed us that this is a topic upon which good men and women (or should I say "womyn") disagree. Maybe someone did. I couldn't take it any more after a few minutes.

This is a topic upon which good men a women disagree.

There ya go...

She also made me want to never tell anyone that I'm reformed ever again.

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