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MvL2 (Tim: Nathan Alberson writes) Dear Dad or Mom:

Your average teenage boy already knows about the birds and bees. But how on earth are you going to talk your darling child through all the issues that come along with it: from lust to porn... Wouldn't it be nice if there was some sort of book about sex written for young men...

Well actually, there is. The book is Man Vs. Lust, and in just 73 pages David Canfield tells it straight and biblical. What's God's purpose for sex? Why is purity important? Why is pornography bad and how does your son fight it? What kind of girl should he marry and how should he treat her? What if he thinks he's gay?

Man Vs. Lust has the answers to all these questions and more.

Buy it for your sons, buy it for your grandsons, buy it for your nephews! Buy it for the young men in your church! In your classical Christian school! In your foster group home! We want to transform young men everywhere into God-glorifying warriors for biblical sexuality. We want pornography eradicated from the universe. We want an entire generation committed to the purity and sanctity of Christian marriage.

That's not too much too ask from 73 pages, right?

* * *

Because of the pervasive immorality of our culture, many young Christian men wish they had a godly Dutch uncle who would take them aside and tell it to them straight. Well, they do have one and he wrote a short, little book for them—this one. David Canfield has good sense and good humor in equal measure, and I trust that many young men will find this book very helpful.

- Doug Wilson


Honest, practical, insightful, powerful, and most of all biblical, this brief book is strong medicine for a dying world. I pray it will bless thousands of men, and thousands of marriages. It has already blessed me, and I pray it will bless you.

- R.C. Sproul, Jr.


Dear all who read this,

This book is EXCELLENT! Please do purchase it. Now. Any young man between the ages of 14 and 30 should read it.

Seriously. You spend $10 on coffee in a week. This book will have an eternal effect on the soul of a young man. Do it.

done... My 14 year old son and I will go through it together!


al sends

OK, Archie, on your recommendation I ordered 10 copies (I know a bunch of young men). It had better be good or you owe me a lot of coffee! ;-}

Thank you, Tim, and all the men of ClearNote. God bless you all.

Um, you may need to try younger than 14. The need is to put in the 'insulation' against hormones and their effects BEFORE the hormones, and the temptations thereof, arrive.


You're right that we should be battling for purity in our young boys (not just 14 +)
Fatherly (and Godly) wisdom is important to discern how explicit the conversations should be and when. A young man's flesh begins the battle with lust and masturbation before his young mind has refined the articulation or visualization
of the object. God give us faith to fight this battle.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why the name "David Canfield" seems to be familiar? Thanks.


You know: magician, made the Statue of Liberty disappear, formerly married to a supermodel...


World Magazine did a story on him about 3 years ago. Maybe that is where it is familiar from? And, yes, Ross. I was simply speaking without thinking when I said 14. Really it should be 10-12 depending on the boy. Thanks for the correction.

The book is absolutely appropriate for younger boys.

Uh, David, I think you might be confusing "David Canfield" with "David Copperfield" (no relation to Dickens' character!)


The whole time I had him as a professor at ClearNote Pastors College I was waiting for him to do a magic trick. But.....nothing, not even a card trick, just lots of puns. NOW I know why!

Quick question here; given that the church is the Bride of Christ, and that God consistently uses this motif in describing either Israel's fidelity or infidelity to Him, I half wonder if we might do well sometime to lead into this discussion with not "Man vs. Lust", but rather with something like "Your faith and sexuality".

OK, needs some refinement, I admit, but we've been trying to fight lust for a LONG time and....we're losing, by and large. Maybe time to try another approach?

(and I'll grant that the book in question probably deals with EXACTLY the issue I'm talking suggestion is simply to put it front and center, instead of working one's way around to it)

May well be right, Bubba.


If anyone thinks it's correct, please feel free to run with it--too many are suffering from the church's weakness in this area. If not, please feel free to tell me how I'm wrong--I'll appreciate that too.


Please pass along my thanks to David for this little gem. When funds permit, I plan to buy two dozen or so and pass them out to friends with sons. This will go a long way toward helping the next generation grow-up into maturity and fight sin in a much more effective way.


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