Love is all you need...

Ebay_buyer_protection(Tim, w/thanks to Lucas) Don't you just love it when eBay does theology? Or rather, when eBay has theology done to them by all their "basically good" customers they've always believed in?

Welcome to the Fall.

The way I put it sometimes is to ask whether, if your heart were a Hallmark card, anyone would want to open or read it? Anyone at all--even your mother.



Basically good, unless they aren't. It specifically doesn't cover "fraudulent charges."

Basically good, but we employ thousands in our "trust and security" department.

Just like poor Anne Frank --I still believe, even after all this, that people are basically good at heart.

I think that is the most tragic line in all literature.

>>that people are basically good at heart...

If only they could learn to say they still believe, after the wholesale slaughter of Christians and Jews under the Third Reich or the unborn under the United States government, "I still believe, even after this, that there remain vestiges of God's image and perfection visible in us, wicked sons of Adam that we are."

Anyhow, who would know it when Christians, both shepherds and sheep, have conspired to rob the world of the knowledge of God's Law? We must think the Law's work as schoolmaster to Christ and the Cross is obsolete.


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