And it's one, two, three; what are we fighting for...

(Tim) David Canfield forwarded this news piece about the Vatican working to stem the tide of Christian refugees flowing from the Middle East, adding this comment: "It's interesting that the US sought to re-introduce political freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan, but did virtually nothing to secure religious freedom in those places. Considering that the US was first settled primarily by men and women seeking religious freedom, it would seem that we are abandoning our very roots by trying to promote the one without the other."


It's interesting, has the culture of "Israel right-or-wrong" that you get in many parts of evangelicalism, resulted in a very negative outlook for Arab Christians? That some of us, at least, were so busy supporting Israel that we forgot about the Arab Christians?

(I'm coming from the POV of thinking that God still has a real concern for national Israel, as distinct from the Jews and Gentiles who do know him, and distinct from the other 'nations' as well).

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