The United Nations is utterly corrupt...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) We were privileged to have dear friends who serve in DR Congo with us for a week, recently. The husband grew up an MK in Congo and he and his wife have given their lives in service to Africa.

One evening, the discussion turned to the United Nations and I was shocked to hear the strength of this godly couple's condemnation. The wife said something like, "The United Nations is totally corrupt." What she said, though, was even worse--I just can't remember her exact words. I asked if she'd meant what she said and she intensified the condemnation.

The United Nations is perversely wicked in its work in Africa, and this extends not simply to its policies, but also to UN individuals profiteering both financially and sexually. Along with many of the NGOs, these UN men and women are the new colonialists.

If I were running for President...

my platform would not simply include pulling the US out of the UN but booting the UN out of New York. And when they left, I'd make them swim. Maybe give them life preservers, but make them swim.

For the tiniest of pictures of their utter corruption, read this article. Here we have our tax dollars used to promote every form of sexual perversion as well as the always-requisite attack on womanhood and motherhood that has taken over as the foundational ideology of the Western world.

And BTW, have any spirituality of the church men written on this?