"Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things..."

(Tim) Craig French writes: Not that you should know who Katy Perry is, but a headline on MSN caught my attention. Apparently Katy Perry doesn't like other people making a living by way of blasphemy... Ironically, she's a former CCM "artist" now known for her overt sexual displays and singing of the joys of kissing other girls. There was a curious quote that reminded me of (a certain well-known Reformed man):

"(People say) I'm a very hypocritical person: 'How do you say that and (sing), I Kissed a Girl?' Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things. When you decide to put it into the same subject, it gets interesting for some people."

It appears Perry and (our well-known Reformed man) have something in common when it comes to faith and practice. A snippet from an Offspring song summarizes it well: "Ya gotta keep 'em separated!" Perry ...seems to understand (these guys') Law/Gospel dialectic quite well.


I'd be interested in Ms. Perry's definition of "spirituality", which seems to be a term with as many definitions as it has followers . . . I wouldn't want to be guilty of conflating the two. you know.

If she can say that without lying, her dad, a pastor, didn't do a terribly good job teaching her about the church as the betrothed, to be the bride, of Christ. Perhaps why; her mother evidently was a "pastor" as well." Hmmm......certain doctrines are hard for a woman to model from the pulpit, it seems, and the image of Christ as husband would definitely be one of them.

And in the article, the picture reminds me of a quip by (I think) Dave Barry: "If you can stick a straight pin more than 1/4 of an inch into your face without feeling anything, you may be wearing too much makeup for the business environment."

Put more seriously, the amount of warpaint the woman is wearing suggests that the poor woman has been used and abused.

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