Koop says Kagan's actions make her unfit for SCOTUS...

(Tim, w/thanks to Heather) There's more than ample evidence that, if confirmed to SCOTUS, Ms. Kagan will serve for many years as President Obama's hack, faithfully politicizing our highest court in order to protect the murder of many millions of children across our land.

No better proof of the depth to which Ms. Kagan has sunk in the past, and is likely to continue in for decades in the future, is this account by former Surgeon General and longtime member of Tenth Presbyterian Church, C. Everett Koop, detailing how Ms. Kagan supported the murder of unborn, but viable, babies by manipulating the words of...

the American Association of Gynecologists:

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop published an open letter this week urging that the Senate Judiciary Committee block Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan because of her manipulation of the American Association of Gynecologists’ statement on partial-birth abortion.

Kagan “was willing to replace a medical statement with a political statement that was not supported by any existing medical data,” Koop wrote. “That is unethical, and it is disgraceful, especially for one who would be tasked with being a measured and fair-minded judge. ... I urge the Senate to reject the politicization of medical science and vote no on the Kagan nomination.”

Koop urged Senators and all the American people to read the new report by AUL Action, the sister organization of Americans United for Life, which contains “substantive evidence of Ms. Kagan’s actions in this matter.”

To oppose Ms. Kagan's nomination, Americans United for Life has put up this page of details and instructions. Go there and speak up for the poor, the orphan in his distress. Doing so is true religion.


According to WorldNetDaily, Larry Klayman takes the argument further; having deliberately falsified a document on partial birth infanticide, Kagan is not only unqualified to be a Justice, but is also (having perjured herself in this important matter) unqualified to be a lawyer.

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