doings: a report on the ClearNote Conference and Joseph T. Bayly VI's ordination service...

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Tim Bayly, Joseph Bayly, Robert Forney and David Bayly (David--w/thanks to Bob Forney) The 2010 ClearNote Fellowship Conference held last weekend at Church of the Good Shepherd was a rich time of considering the Christian's duty to fear and love God forcefully and simultaneously. I believe conference audio and/or video will soon be made available--check the ClearNote audio site (only 2009 conference audio is available as I write).

Under the overall theme of "In the Godly, Fear and Love Embrace," David Curell spoke Friday night on fear and love embracing on the cross. Saturday, Stephen Baker spoke on fear and love embracing in the Godly, CTW elder Robert Fornery spoke on fear and love in the home and Jody Killingsworth spoke on fear and love in worship.

The sessions were superb. The food was great. The cost was next-to-nothing. The fellowship was wonderful. And the music was glorious--including the rap which followed Saturday's lunch.

Sunday morning I worshiped at the new ClearNote Church on the west side of Indianapolis which my nephew Joseph Bayly is planting together with David Abu-Sara. We heard a superb sermon by Joseph on the miraculous and surprising power of God, after which we returned to Bloomington for Joseph's ordination service at Church of the Good Shepherd at 2:30 PM.

It was a delight participating in Joseph's ordination service together with elders and pastors from ClearNote, Church of the Good Shepherd, and Christ the Word. It's sure to be a red-letter memory in years to come for all involved, including Bob and me, who were privileged to represent Christ the Word.

It was also a delight to meet Kamilla at the conference, someone I'd known for a decade over the internet but met in the flesh for the first time only last Saturday.

If you're looking for a church in Indianapolis, by all means check out the church Joseph and David are planting.