Spanking is naughty...

(Tim: Over on ClearNote Blog, son Joseph writes:)
Just today I heard that Riley Children's Hospital here in Indianapolis has signs up stating that the entire hospital is a "No Hit Zone". They are big banner signs, small tripod signs, and everything in between. Apparently they have been up since at least November. Here is an example... Each time I hear people discussing discipline or talk to somebody about it, I feel the pressure build... (continue reading...)


I am continually aware of the possibility of child-haters watching when our children need to be disciplined in public and the pervasive intrusiveness of the social service sector of government. But if you love your children you still need to give them discipline.

There is something at least mildly amusing about a hospital for children thinking they need to ban corporal punishment; one would assume that most sane parents would realize that a child sick enough to be there is probably not a good candidate for a spanking, to put it mildly.

That said, there is something quite tragic in that the hospital does not even appear to acknowledge even the necessity for time outs or any kind of "negative reinforcement" of behavior norms. If one extends this logic to adults, that would suggest that the "gurus" these guys are listening to would also endorse opening the doors on prisons and relying on "positive attention" to get through to the likes of John Wayne Gacy.

Very scary thought; they don't just hate children, but rather....all of us. And, ahem, without a single study that adequately differentiates discipline with the intent to inflict only pain from discipline with the intent to cause injury. Not only is the Bible against them; science also provides them no refuge, either.

On the topic of Riley Hospital hating children, I'll never forget going to Walmart one morning and finding a Planned Parenthood booth in the parking lot. They were there, along with a few other organizations, for a Riley benefit. Ugh.

I thought I was getting smart by avoiding the criticism of disciplining my three year old in the store by telling him that he was going to get spanked when he got home. What I didn't expect was that every time I'd whisper that in his ear after he deliberately disobeyed me, he'd yell, "No, Mommy! I don't want a spanking! I don't want a spanking when we get home!" So much for being discreet...

Those kiddos ain't dumb, that's for sure...

Check out Professor Marjorie Gunnoe's research* which actually reported slightly BETTER adjustment in teens who had been spanked than those who had never been spanked.

*(2009, April. Spanking per se is not a risk during childhood: Replication across 11 outcomes in 6 demographic groups. In A.G. Fauchier (Chair), What is the real impact of corporal punishment? Influences on parenting, the parent-child relationship, and child outcomes. Symposium conducted at the biennial meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO.)

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