Safe places needed in the PCA...

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(Tim: This is a guest post by a PCA ruling elder, introduced here.) My summary is that this plan is flawed and would overtly (and perhaps

quickly) take the PCA, as a denomination, more explicitly toward the

Tim Keller church model... Perhaps not surprisingly, it is also

seriously lacking in scriptural support for its diagnosis of the

problems and its remedies for those problems.

If this is

adopted at GA it could accelerate the already growing divide in the PCA.

Maybe that would be a good thing...everyone getting all their cards on

the table and all that.

One of the laments of the PCA Strategic

Plan is a lack of "safe places" to talk about "new ideas." The

intentions and implications are obvious.

 So I thought about whether

PCA churches already offered "safe places" and I put together the

attached list...

I think you will agree that the thought experiment is

an interesting one.

Are we talking about...

  • A safe place to wear our reformed confession on our sleeve?
  • A safe place to exhort our leaders/lay members about the importance

    of sound doctrine?

  • A safe place to read I Corinthians 11:7…out loud?
  • A safe place to talk about the Puritans in a positive light?
  • A safe place to teach that wives are to submit to their husbands?
  • A safe place to teach the coming judgment of God against sin?
  • A safe place to talk about church discipline?
  • A safe place to talk about what spiritual benefits are conferred on

    baptized infants?

  • A safe place to talk about the improper use of birth control?
  • A

    safe place to join with the prophet Amos and confess that the Lord

    causes a “calamity” to occur in a city?

  • A safe place to talk about using the rod on our children?

Anyone have other safe places to add?