Molech lives and Bloomington's councilors feed him...

They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons, and shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with the blood. - Psalms 106:37,38

(Tim: At my request, Josh Congrove submitted this report. Please note that in a city of 65,000, only four Christians protested this use of our taxes. In your own city, dear reader, it's likely the funding goes through without anyone other than Roman Catholics showing up. Who cares about the babies?)

Nearly every year (see here, here, and here), Planned Parenthood makes a request to the city of Bloomington for public funding for their programs, and this year was no exception. This past Wednesday, the Bloomington City Council once again granted this request voting 8-1 (only Councilman Brad Wisler voted in the negative) to disburse public money to an organization that performs hundreds of abortions per year. Though the vote itself was a foregone conclusion, a few of us from Church of the Good Shepherd attended and spoke against the funding.

Each of us took a different approach...

Scott Tibbs wrote a letter to the Herald Times included below; I addressed the council members in broad language prepared beforehand; Brian Bailey made specific, cogent arguments from Indiana law; and Carole Canfield gave a heartfelt, emphatic plea in favor of life.

Here are our remarks.

Scott Tibbs:

Because Scott's excellent letter depends on embedded tables, please see it here

* * *

Joshua Congrove:

Good evening, council members.

My name is Josh Congrove. I'm a PhD student here at Indiana University, and a Bloomington resident. And so I speak here as one opposed to tax dollars from our citizens being used to fund Planned Parenthood. Euphemistically claiming to support parenthood, this organization in fact mingles its "reproductive services" with the killing of our children, and so divests parents of the children it claims to support. It destroys the very ones you as officials are charged to protect and govern. In a government founded upon the notion of unalienable human rights, the rank disgust for human rights that abortion entails is an atrocity, and funding such an organization is a dereliction of the powers you have been given. Annually, Planned Parenthood snuffs out the lives of hundreds of children here in Bloomington, some 5,000 lives in the state of Indiana; and so to say that this is not a deserving organization is a colossal understatement.

Council members, we here recognize that you have been placed in authority over us. But your positions come with obligations. God has placed you over the citizens of this city, and you have an obligation not only to defend the weak and protect the helpless, but also to refuse supporting those who would harm them. To the extent you have done this, we are truly grateful, but giving Planned Parenthood funds is antithetical to your just and noble obligations. As ministers of justice, you will be held accountable for your decisions, first before your constituents, and then one day before the Eternal Judge. And so I implore you: let justice prevail here in Bloomington, and do not let Planned Parenthood obstruct it.

I know that many will consider this decision a small thing—a drop in the bucket monetarily—but it is far from insignificant. Rather, your choices here will affect not only children in Bloomington, but also the state of your own souls. Already, in my own life, I have seen that failures even in small areas grow larger with time. To whom much has been given, much more will be required; and turning a blind eye to helpless children in this town can bring nothing but harm to your souls, in this life and the next.

And so, council members, I recognize your positions here, and I thank you for your public service. But I ask that you act for the good of the poorest and weakest among us, protect those who cannot give their consent to be murdered, and do not give funds to an organization that kills children and then assuages its own conscience by claiming to serve women. We've heard a number of concerns raised tonight about Arizona's recent immigration law, and rightfully so. But if Arizona's law threatens the civil rights of immigrants, Planned Parenthood violates the most basic right of children—to exist. Please do not support such an organization.

Thank you for your attention.

* * *

Brian Bailey


The Council's summary document of Planned Parenthood's request for funding states: "In Monroe County, it is estimated that 14,930 women between the ages of 13 and 44 are in need of publicly-funded contraceptives."

Sex with a 13-year-old is a crime.  Indiana Code 35-42-4-3 criminalizes sex with a 13-year-old: "A person who, with a child under fourteen (14) years of age, performs or submits to sexual intercourse or deviate sexual conduct commits child molesting, a Class B felony." Sex with a 14-year-old or 15-year-old is a crime if the perpetrator is 18 years or older.  (Indiana Code 35-42-4-9.)

It shouldn't have to be said to grown adults, civic leaders, and public officeholders that sex with a 13-year-old is not a public good. It's not good public policy. It is not in the public interest. It is a heinous crime.

The Council has no moral or legal authority to fund Planned Parenthood's request. To do so would knowingly finance and assist in the commission of sex crimes and the sexual exploitation of children—according to the Council's own documents. The Council has no authority to finance or assist in the commission of crimes under the Home Rule Act or any other statute or ordinance. A vote for Planned Parenthood's request is a vote for child molesting.

Quite to the contrary, the Council has a moral obligation and duty as public servants to protect the weak and the defenseless from the strong. It has a duty to protect the children of the community, including those murdered in the womb at Planned Parenthood.

Each Council member is only exercising the authority delegated by Jesus Christ and thus is answerable to Him. One day each Council member will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ to give an account for his vote on this request.

* * *

Carole Canfield:

My name is Carole Canfield. I am a lifelong resident of Monroe County, and a 40-year resident of Bloomington.

So here we are again:  Planned Parenthood asks for your approval for its funds request, and you are ready to grant it. Such hypocrisy!!! You're concerned about protecting the lives and rights of illegal immigrants in Arizona, while supporting the lives and rights of the unborn here in our town to be cut off through abortion. No matter what good services Planned Parenthood may provide, they are tainted with the blood of dead children from the abortions they do. Our taxes should NOT go to support an organization with so little regard for human life.

It is no surprise that PP did not request any funds through this most-public council last year—they had just suffered embarrassment a few months prior when their employee was caught red-handed recommending an abortion for an underage girl, and covering up the alleged statutory rape resulting in the pregnancy. I'm sure they thought we'd forget—hoped we'd forget, and that the people of Bloomington would forget. We DIDN'T, we HAVEN'T, and we WON'T.  And we won't go away until the council realizes that supporting Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars is WRONG.

Why would you even think of funding this group that kills people and hides child abuse? I know of no other group whom you would support, that practices such atrocities. Can you tell me of any other group doing this that you would even think of supporting?

Again, funding PP is wrong. I beg you not to give your support to it.


I'm going to post a video of my remarks in the next couple days. I'll post a link when I do.

Scott, Josh, Brian, and Carole,

Thank you, brothers and sister, for your faithful witness.

With love,


Praise God for your faithful witness, and fighting and pleading for the lives of the unborn.

Good job.

I pray for the day when every church has this many faithful disciples of Christ.

As promised, here's the video of my speech.

For some reason, the videos I post always get pixelated on YouTube. When I upload the same file to Facebook, that doesn't happen.

Is this something that would lend itself to a large contingency showing up to oppose? I wouldn't think that everyone would have to speak, but maybe the council would think a bit more about the vote if 100 people are physically there to prick their hearts. I would love to see more about this next year BEFORE the vote. (maybe there was discussion about it this time and I missed it) For those of you who were there...would this be appropriate to announce to people to rally us to go with you?

Hi, I asked this on an earlier blog, but maybe it was too old, so here it goes again:

Does anyone by any chance know of any good books arguing for or against the use of contraception by Christians? My wife and I are really looking at the practice closely now, but want to real dive in deep with the issue in order to do the right thing. Thanks.

Dear Marta,

I had a couple people make this same point, yesterday. It was off everyone's radar.


>> I wouldn't think that everyone

>> would have to speak, but maybe

>> the council would think a bit

>> more about the vote if 100 people

>> are physically there to prick

>> their hearts.

What I'm going to say here is going to offend some people, but the truth often does that.

The only way to stop this is to stop electing Democrats.

Until these people actually have some consequences for what they do on Election Day, it doesn't matter how many people show up or how many letters and e-mails they get.

Note that I said "stop electing Democrats" rather than "start electing Republicans." Between 1999 and 2006, there were 17 opportunities for a Republican to vote against funding the abortuary. We got all of one "no" vote during that time.

Electing Republicans does no good if those Republicans vote like David Sabbagh.

No, we have to have principled conservatives. Brad Wisler has voted against the PP funding each time it came before him.

But let's not be naive about who the bad guys are here. That would be the Monroe County Democratic Party, which with last week's vote became an organization that openly endorses sexual abuse.


Doug Wilson has a good treatment of the subject in his book, Reforming Marriage. It really helped me know how to think through the issue. As expected, it's more about the heart and your intentions than the externals. You can read it free online at Google Books ( ). Scroll to chapter 8, "Multiplying Fruitfully".

Thanks, Matt.

And Norm, I'd also suggest you read the "Children are a blessing..." category on this blog. This will push you in the direction of practical theology and show the issue in the context of our lives, day to day, here in the West.

Then too, Google "Protestant" and "Contraception' for a number of good links. Two journals I subscribe to would be helpful--Touchstone and First Things.

A book that's gotten a lot of press is OPEN EMBRACE: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception
by Sam and Bethany Torode.


Thank you, Matt and Tim. That's very helpful. I had looked on Amazon and had gotten a book by Mary Pride and a book by Charles Provan, but they seemed to only cover a few aspects of the issue. I had seen the "Open Embrace" book but heard the authors changed their minds after writing it (I figured the arguments couldn't be that good in it if the authors weren't even convinced that well--maybe that's a wrong assessment to make). We still had a lot of questions from there. We also had gotten "Birth Control and the Christian," which we didn't care for because it didn't present much of an in depth argument either way. I saw a book called "The Christian Case Against Contraception" but it was almost $30 and I didn't know if it would be worth it to get it. I've looked at the Children Are a Blessing category and it had some good insights. I just want to be thoroughly informed before making a decision one way or the other. I'll check out the other suggestion too. Thanks again. God bless.

I remember watching the video on of the Bloomington PP counselor not interested in helping the girl she believed to be 13 and pregnant, get help and get out of her relationship. Not only did she not report the felony to the authorities, she didn't even ask so much as: honey, is this being done to you against your will? Unbelievable. Was any legal action ever taken concerning this?

"Was any legal action ever taken concerning this?"

Nope, but they did get a handout from the Monroe County Council for the very first time a few months later.

That's PP's reward for their sex abuse scandal.

Like I said above, the only way to stop this is to stop electing Democrats.


Sam and Bethany Torode, author's of Open Embrace, did do a 180 degree turn. They clearly don't understand the nature of a believer's heart post-conversion but pre-resurrection. Eldridge's deception got a hold of them. Read this quote from the the Torodes:

"Many Christians believe that the "self" is totally depraved or fundamentally evil (thank you, Augustine and John Calvin). Shades of this influenced our perspective in Open Embrace and our attraction to NFP. We now fully believe in the power of the Resurrection and we no longer live our lives constantly on the alert for "selfishness." Yes, we are marred by sin, but God has given us new hearts with his image strongly growing in them -- which means our deepest desires are true and good (see Waking the Dead by John Eldredge). One example: wanting to make love to your spouse often is a good thing, but NFP often lays an unfair burden of guilt on men for feeling this.

We still believe in the "language of the body"--which informs our rejection of some aspects of NFP. How is it that spouses are saying "yes" to the gift of each other when they end up abstaining for much of their married lives (from the aforementioned breastfeeding cycles, pregnancy exhaustion, or energy being diverted into raising kids)? We also see honest congruity with the language of the body by saying "no" to conception with our bodies (via barrier methods or sensual massage) when our minds and hearts are also saying "no" to conception. We don’t believe this angers God, nor that it leads to the slippery slope of relativism or divorce. We strongly disagree with the Catholic Church that this is a mortal sin."

So, I'd run with Wilson's book!

"Yes, we are marred by sin, but God has given us new hearts with his image strongly growing in them -- which means our deepest desires are true and good."

Uhm, which desires would those be? The ones you had when you embraced NFP or the ones you have now that you have rejected "some aspects of NFP".

It seems to me the Torodes' deepest desire are to contradict themselves. NFP is a coherent, consistent system. You simply can't believe in "the language of the body" and yet reject "some aspects" of NFP - the two go together and don't work unless they are held together.


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