Street preacher busted for hooliganism...

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(Tim, w/thanks to David L.) If you find yourself wondering why Tim Keller would go through such machinations of equivocation at the Columbia University Q&A session when he was asked whether sodomy is a sin and whether a man could be condemned to Hell for it, here's an article telling of the arrest of street preacher Dale Mcalpine on charges of hooliganism for not equivocating on the subject.

One of our correspondents under this prior Keller post stated that he didn't believe Keller was afraid to speak the truth about sodomy, but only that he had forgotten that truth.


Doesn't it seem like it would be mighty difficult to forget one of God's most basic moral laws when the whole world has that specific law in its sights and is blazing away? Tim Keller's simply forgotten what the Word of God says about sodomy? Really?

Today, the world has judged that anyone condemning sodomy and sodomites has committed a heinous crime against humanity for which he will receive his reward. It may be arrest. It may only be a civil suit. It may be the loss of friendships. It may be a rejection for tenure...

It may be a bad grade on a paper. It may be the loss of a job. It may be the end of invitations to family reunions or strained silence in the teachers lounge when you enter. It may be the hatred and constant opposition of a pastor by his elders. It may be the rejection by a search committee of one of Redeemer's sister Presbyterian Church in America congregations.

But no mistake about it: the man who speaks Biblically, and therefore lovingly and firmly, to the subject of sodomy will receive his reward. And that reward will be quite painful.

Tim Keller will be invited back to speak and hold court in a Q&A session at Columbia University while Dale Mcalpine, the utter fool, has gone to jail.

Stupid nasty Bullhorn Guy--what in the world was he thinking? Would someone please talk to him before he gives all of us Christians a bad rep and we begin to suffer for our Lord?