As our Commander in Chief pushes sodomy into our barracks...

(Tim) Because I'm a citizen of these United States of America and have a number of men in my congregation who serve in our Armed Forces, I care deeply about the integrity of our nation's homeland security forces (the mandate our military used to follow). That integrity has already been gravely damaged by the mainstreaming of the weaker sex among our soldiers. Everything now indicates our President's resolve to further politicize and weaken the military, using it as an instrument to oppose God and His Moral Law by repealing the ban on sodomy and sodomites.

And as an explanation to new readers, I discipline myself to use the words 'sodomy' and 'sodomite' as a Biblical witness so that shame and horror will continue to be attached to this sexual perversion. For 2,000 years, this usage has been common, reminding us all of the fire of God's wrath that rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah's abominations.

There are a number of voices in the wilderness calling our nation back to sanity in these matters. As an aid to our fulfilling our Christian obligation to be salt and light, here are some useful links...

The Case Against Gays in the Military

The Center for Military Readiness

Problems with Gays in the Military

Women in Combat

Rules for Women in Land Combat

Report of Ad Interim Study Committee on Women in the Military (General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America)

And finally, retired Army chaplain Rich Young has circulated a document titled, "My Concerns About Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell," which is a helpful explanation of the difficulties Christian chaplains will face when this policy change is implemented (as it certainly will be).


Thanks for the links. As a pastor ministering in a good-sized military community, this information is quite helpful.

An honest question, no snark, from someone seeking to further understand your viewpoint here:

If one's religious beliefs compel them to denounce those of the homosexual persuasion I can understand that regardless of whether I share those beliefs.

However, we live in a country that does not have a state-endorsed religion. With that in mind, how does someone such as yourself, Mr. Bayly, advocate legislating your religious beliefs? The military is an extension of the government and I'd just as rather see my church stay out of such things.

Once again, thanks in advance for your explanation. I truly do seek to better understand a viewpoint other than my own on this issue.

>>If one's religious beliefs compel them to denounce those of the homosexual persuasion

Dear Lynn,

I've answered your question in a post just put up on the main page.

In Christ's love,

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