This Mother's Day, no Wichita babies will die...

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(Tim) Readers will recall there was a Wichita man sentenced to life imprisonment for first degree murder, recently. He'd shot and killed the so-called doctor who'd become infamous for making his living off murdering babies of viable age.

What the media conspired to keep from us is that Kansas state law protects those babies--even at this late date. Or rather, Kansas legislators had passed a law they intended to protect those babies. Trouble was, the state's judicial authorities refused to enforce that law.

You know, like all the old westerns where the cattle baron's hired guns are killing off the farmers until The Loner Who Loves Justice arrives. Seeing all the blood, reluctantly he takes up his gun one last time. With the coward wearing the sheriff's badge hiding behind his desk, The Loner goes to work killing the Baron's hired guns; then finally, the Baron himself.

Where was Clint when Wichita really needed him?

The Man of Justice who actually showed up wasn't Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. He was no heartthrob causing Wichita's beauties to swoon...

And now that the babies are safe again in their mothers' wombs, no one's doing a script hoping to interest Steven Spielberg. Nor did World magazine honor him with their Daniel of the Year Award.

Turns out America doesn't really care about the slaughter of little babies. But we most certainly do care about the man who puts a stop to it.

So Scott Roeder is all alone, now, sitting in his prison cell while all the godly Christian leaders and pro-life hacks hiss and gnash their teeth at him. They think he gives them a bad name.

On this day before Mother's Day, let us each take a moment to remember Christ's little ones being slaughtered all around us and pray for judges and justices and policemen and Child Protective Services bureaucrats and doctors and soldiers who will do what they should to protect the least of these.

And to help us think and remember, here's a good satire by Charles G. Mills.

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Terminating Human Abortion Instrumentalities


by Charles G. Mills

Recently a man in Kansas City was sentenced to life in prison for terminating a human abortion instrumentality. I do not approve of terminating human abortion instrumentalities and would never do it. My objections are moral and spiritual. I do not, however, want to impose my religion on those who disagree with me.

The anti-selection press has referred to this man as a killer of a doctor and as a murderer of a doctor. Such extreme rhetoric does not help. It prevents both those who support and those who oppose freedom of selection from working together toward moderate solutions. Such solutions might include a legislative prohibition against terminating human abortion instrumentalities over the age of 90 years, or prohibiting burning human abortion instrumentalities alive.

One must start by realizing that the decision to terminate a human abortion instrumentality is a deeply personal one and a difficult one.  Nobody makes such a decision lightly, and no one enjoys terminating any human instrumentality. The government should not be involved in such a personal decision. It should be strictly between the terminator and his spiritual advisor.

Our present sweeping laws against terminating human abortion instrumentalities force this activity to be taken illegally in back alleys where it cannot be regulated. If it were legal, there could be requirements that it be carried out as painlessly and efficiently as possible. This could be done by requiring marksmanship training before undertaking a termination. There could also be requirements as to the type of rifle used. Under present law, a person could terminate a human abortion instrumentality with a shot that would leave the instrumentality lingering for days before its death. Termination could even be carried out with such primitive means as bows and arrows, spears, swords, or battle axes.

Our present laws also discriminate against the poor. The rich can always buy a first-class ticket on a flight to some Islamic country where it is legal to stone or behead human abortion instrumentalities. The poor have no such options.

Our present laws also breach the Constitutional Wall of Separation between church and state. The prohibition against terminating human abortion instrumentalities is rooted entirely in an interpretation of Judeo-Christian morality, particularly of the commandment given to Moses against murder. Even if a majority of the country thinks terminating human abortion instrumentalities is murder and that murder should be illegal, we cannot determine questions of Constitutional law by a majority vote.  Certainly those who select to terminate a human abortion instrumentality do not think themselves guilty of murder. To impose our views on them constitutes the establishment of a state religion.

Extremists have made our laws on this subject for too long. Moderate people on both sides of the issue should work together to end back-alley termination of human abortion instrumentalities now and establish a system of regulated, sanitary, painless terminations of human abortion instrumentalities for those who truly, if regrettably, need to take that course of action.


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