An Homerican Gothic...

HomericanGothic (Tim) One of our Homeschooling couples was leaving church last Sunday morning and someone saw they were having an unusual moment of levity and he snapped this pic. At first when I saw it I thought the husband was pregnant, but then I realized he's just fat.

Sadly, this wonderful couple's tried and tried to open up their home for ministry, but every time they've invited someone over for one of their lutefisk dinners, they get turned down. It makes them very sad.

We think the people turning down their invitations do so at least partly because of their weird dress, but really it's not any weirder than the Pentecostals or Gothardites. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me privately. Thanks.


Did they use enough butter with the Lutefisk? Is that the problem?

Kamilla the Norwegian

Lutefisk shouldn't be served with butter but with white sauce...

But it should be served regularly.

I can't believe you associate with such weirdos! That church of yours must be a cult, after all.

Looks like Obelix has grown up and started a family!

Ouch so they are Homeschoolers, vice homeschoolers?

Also does the mustache on the dress mean that the unborn child is a girl?

Hey, that's not the Wendy's fast food mascot gal is it? I always wondered what happened to her. Now I know

Hey, how far along is Sebra? Looks like she and I are due around the same time...congrats to the Bakers:)

The girl with the pigtails is our sister Gertrude. She's always dressing in overly masculine clothes. That's why we keep her in the barn. We try to tell her she needs some time at the spa, and perhaps a waxing. She always misunderstands and starts waxing her mustache...sad really.

Wow! That is all I have to say. That is funny stuff right there.

I just noticed the mustasche on the belly. Boy?

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