Fleeing manhood...

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Then to Adam He said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife... (Genesis 3:17).

(Tim) A thought likely obvious to the rest of you came to me on Mother's Day.

Every man who is a feminist is so because he desires to avoid the weight of glory God has placed on him.

A father doesn't want to do the hard work of vetting his daughter's choice of a husband, so he pays for her degrees and establishes her in a profession where she'll be impervious to any husband's future failures. A husband doesn't want to do the hard work of silencing his wife in the church, so he argues that women need a place at the table, too, and that good churches will enfranchise women's voices. Elders don't want to do the hard work of training their daughters how to dress modestly and conduct themselves in a feminine manner, so they condemn all efforts to teach and encourage modesty or feminine deference within the church as legalism, patronization of women, and masculine insecurity.

Any interface between godliness and femininity is the precise place where our man-feminist stands proclaiming his righteousness and others' sin. He is enlightened and others are antediluvian. He is tolerant and others are insecure. He is graceful and others legalistic. He is confident of his sexuality and others quivering in fear...

He's for freedom and others oppression. He's for beauty and the varieties of personal expression while others are all about "don't look" and "don't touch" uniformity. As Stuart Briscoe once put it when Mrs. Kent Hughes and I were debating him and his wife, Jill, during a Moody Bible Institure chapel, "I believe women are persons." It was the eminent former British banker contra mundum. The entire world lost in masculine insecurity had given themselves over to the oppression of woman until he came along and took a principled and courageous stand for woman's personhood.

To which Barb responded, with a feminine grace, "Aren't I a woman?"

Feminist men are schemers hiding their rebellion against God. They abhor the weight of woman's glory God has placed on them in their duties as pastors, elders, deacons, husbands, and fathers. But rather than following the time-honored pattern of cowards who turn their back on the battle and run, these men use their uniform as cover for attacking and killing their comrades. They betray every duty towards woman God has dignified their sex by, then claim they are faithful to that duty by their very betrayal. "I believe women are persons!"

Well yes. Pastor Briscoe surely does believe women are persons, but does he believe women are women? Does he believe in womanhood?

Every man who is a feminist is so because he desires to avoid the weight

of glory God has placed on him.

For a man ought not to have his head covered, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. (1 Corinthians 11:7)

And this strategy is as old as the hills. Adam had a choice between obeying the Father from Whom all fatherhood gets its name or listening to his Eve, and he chose listening to Eve.

That's where it all started. And likely, where it will all end.

What did the first feminist give and abandon his wife to?

Greatly increased pain in childbirth, followed by death.