Edwards and Whitefield I've heard of, but who is Glenn Beck...

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(Tim) I'm not making this up. Two days ago I had an hours drive in the middle of the day and turned on the radio. I'd read of Glenn Beck once a while back, picking up from the article that he's the first serious contender for the throne long occupied by Rush Limbaugh, but this was the first time I'd actually heard him.

Beck was opposing something he called "social justice," saying all the liberals in Christian and Jewish and Moslem churches had mounted an attack against him. But all of them are socialists, he said, and they're using talk of "social justice" to rid America of her precious liberties.

Parts of it set my teeth on edge. Yes, generally, the social justice rap is bad karma. And yet, do I really want a conservative talk show host sending his troops into churches to root out any doctrinal commitments their hero disapproves of? Later, brother David told me Beck is Mormon. It figures.

This just to relate the humorous part of the show...

Beck was telling listeners he'd gotten my friend, Peter Lillback ("a professor at a pastor training seminary"), on the show the day before to talk about our colonial fathers and their commitment to liberty. And then he said (and this is almost word for word), "George Whitefield believed in individual liberty, not social justice." That's all he said about George Whitefield. Quote. End quote.

I wasn't sure whether to be giddy or to pull my hair out.