Are you a Homeschooler or a homeschooler?

(Tim) As I've said any number of times, there are Homeschoolers and there are homeschoolers. I don't support the former, but I'm all for the latter. How to tell the difference?

The Homeschooler sees her home as a fortress rather than a center of ministry. Publicly, she speaks much of her husband's authority and how much she loves to submit to it, but privately...

she bosses him around. She is omnicompetent and shoves her children forward to prove it. She worships her children. She loves her own household, but not so much the Household of Faith. She has a thing against authority--the state's, her husband's, and that of the pastors and elders of her church. The only authority she seems to believe in is her own. Her children are above average and every one of her friends and acquaintances can count the ways. Sadly, it's not uncommon for her children to conclude that the only way to escape her maniacal control is to rebel.

Every Homeschooler needs to repent and become a homeschooler. And for the best example I know personally, please allow me to present to you Mrs. Tim (Anne) Wegener. If you're a homeschooler, or a repenting Homeschooler, I strongly urge you to bookmark her blog and read it, faithfully. It's simply wonderful!

Anne, her husband Tim, and their children have, over the past eighteen years, been at the center of God's blessing to the Baylys and Church of the Good Shepherd--where Anne is a Titus 2 woman and her husband a most-respected and trusted elder.


Amen to that. I would only like to add that I've met many a male Homeschooler, too. It's not just the wives at fault here.

I am blessed in not having encountered, knowingly, a "Homeschooler." Sounds dreadful though.

As someone who was homeschooled K-12, and had many interactions with people who fit your description, I can strongly agree. I don't know if I'd rely on a capital H to differentiate between the two groups, though; that might seem to imply that homeschooling shouldn't be embraced fully. For, as I'm sure you'd agree, the problem is not homeschooling, capital H or no, but rather sin in some of those who homeschool.

Dear Patrick,

How about HOMESCHOOLER then? :)

I call these ladies "Professional Homeschooling Moms" who have all the psychosis of aggressive feminist women, but sadly their "product" isn't widgets, but their children.

It would seem that HOMESCHOOLERS have something in common with CHRISTIAN SCHOOL PARENTS, if I might draw a parallel. Avoiding the "fortress home" (or "fortress church") mentality is tough, and a great victory I had last month was when I took a look at my birthday card from my family, and I realized my neighbor's six year daughter had signed it, too.

(they're moving....bummer.....but it's a huge blessing to go to church with an extra child, and not have anyone notice that we've got an extra little one along)

Dear Bike Bubba,

That's great. I love the people who bring kids other than their own. Praise God.

David Bayly

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Archie, much better ;) I thought a bit about an alternative, and couldn't come up with anything catchy. Perhaps Hyper-homeschoolers? :P

Doug Wilson's term of art is "Homers." It's just just about how you do school, it's about everything being based on the "home," and if it's based on the "home," it's good.

I meant, "it's NOT just about how you do school."

:) Ah, this sounds so familiar.

As the daughter of a former Homeschooler I have come to know this too well. Another apt term, I think, is Narcissist.

Just out of curiosity- how would one classify a secular feminist homeschooler who scoffs at the notion of being under the authority of her husband based upon this description?

Probably a third category, Lynn, and there are a fair number in that category.

"she bosses him around... The only authority she seems to believe in is her own... the only way to escape her maniacal control is to rebel..."

Hmmm. Sounds exactly like male authority figure head-of-household homeschooling FATHERS to me.

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