The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away...

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Joseph:Heidi:Tate:1 (Tim) Two weeks ago,

son Joseph and his wife, Heidi, were blessed by God with an unborn child.

Joseph and Heidi adopted a son, Joseph Tate Bayly VII, a little over a

year ago, so we were all joyful at the news of a younger brother or

sister joining their family, giving Tate some company.

Sadly and

joyfully, the Lord took their unborn child home this past weekend. Joseph

and Heidi have faith in God's goodness and loving care, but of course

it's hard. This is their fourth miscarriage and they yearn for a home

filled with children. Would you please pray for them; that God would

comfort them and, if He so wills, bless them with a fruitful home?

And if you're in the Indianapolis area, I encourage you to lend your support to the new church plant Joseph and Dave Abu-Sara are leading, there. ClearNote Church of Indy meets Sunday mornings...

at the Pike YMCA on the corner of 71st and Zionsville Rd. You can get in touch with Joseph by e-mailing him or giving him a call at (317) 456-2456. Soon there will be a web site where you can find out more about this Protestant, Reformed, and historically Evangelical congregation of ClearNote Fellowship.