'Gender' is only a social construct...

(Tim, w/thanks to Scott) If our good readers are interested in the news that's fit to print here in Bloomington, check out this series of articles from the Indiana University newspaper, Indiana Daily Student. Here are your tax dollars at work, destroying our state's children as they take their first steps away from their fathers and mothers. (First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth.)


They're all the same date. Are these from a special edition devoted to this ... um ... topic?

I went to the paper's site and dug around for achives. I note that "today's paper" has a link, but I couldn't find a link to the one you drew the articles from.

Dear Fr. Bill,

Don't know. Maybe Scott will answer.


Thanks, David.


Ah so. They had a "Men and Women's Guide" in 2009 too.


It's all under a tab labeled "Special" on their main page.

Of course, all such things are "special." A better label for that tab would be "Precious."

"the Miss Gay IU pageant brings back a lot of alumni to the university who then bring their allies or straight friends. For those living here, I have never had any problems with the straight members of the community. It has been more problematic from members of the gay community who try to cause problems. I think the straight community accepts it pretty nicely."

What an indictment! The only opposition to a large beauty pageant for men dressed up as women comes not from the Christians in the community, but from homosexuals who don't like being made to look ridiculous.

Hmmmm....on one hand, the group is telling us that they're completely normal, on the other, they're.....OK......

There's nothing like a little bit of gender and ethnic identity training to transform a previously peaceful campus into a war zone, I tell you.

I was going to try to read through this series, but I don't know if I can. I'm only halfway through the first installment and it's positively painful. Not only is Miss Peterkin historically ignorant, she is in desperate need of an editor.


Thanks for the info, David.

I saw this as a special edition in the newspaper. The links above are to individual articles.

Here is one entertaining irony/hypocrisy. Gender is a social construct and some hardline feminists even try to argue the physical differences between the sexes are so minimal as to be insignificant.

Despite this, the National Organization for Women (or is it the National Association of Gals?) is screeching about the need for Obama to appoint a woman to the soon-to-be-vacated Supreme Court seat so women have equal representation.

Actual qualifications do not matter, of course. Picking the best possible judge is irrelevant. Picking a woman is what matters. Talk about special pleading.

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