"Duh!" studies...

(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) The Canadian Medical Association Journal just published a study showing that, among women, "increasing parity is associated with decreasing rates of death from suicide." In other words, the birth of children causes women to be less likely to kill themselves.

Yesterday, Mary Lee and I visited two young mothers--one home with her day-old firstborn, and the other at about twenty weeks in her pregnancy, in the hospital fighting to stop premature contractions. Here's our observation: godly mothers love their children and live for them.

And although I'm a romantic who believes very much in conjugal love; generally speaking, married women who have no children would not take as much inspiration from their husbands.

Next month, CMAJ will be publishing a study documenting higher marital satisfaction among couples with no prior history of adultery.



I liked the part about a 39% reduction in suicide with women with at least two live births, and a 60% reduction in suicide among women with at least three live births.

Follow that trend-line out to five children, and one shall see that being fruitful and multiplying is a virtual panacea against suicide. As the daddy of five children, I think life is pretty good.

I heard a radio broadcast a year or so ago citing a Redbook publication of just such a study documenting higher marital satisfaction among women and men with no prior history of pre-marital promiscuity. I fail to find the study.

If anyone can provide links to this study, I would appreciate it.

James Herriot, describing his early career as a country veterinarian just prior to the introduction of antibiotics, tells of how he would keep mother Ewes alive who had severe infections. On occasion, a lamb would die in utero and begin to decompose, causing a life threatening infection to the Ewe. After delivering the decomposed lamb, the Ewe would normally die (before antibiotics).

However, if there was another Ewe around who had just had twins within the last few days, Herriot would take one of the twins from its mother, place the smell of the dead lamb on the twin lamb, and give it to the infected Ewe who had just delivered a dead lamb. In nearly all cases, the cure was very effective. The sick mother Ewe roused herself to take care of this little lamb entrusted to her and successfully, almost miraculously, was able to completely recover from the deadly infection.

Few Ewes lived who weren't given the treatment.

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