Right; I wrote his plays, and my wife and I wrote his sonnets...

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(Tim) Speaking of Sobran, I own an autographed copy of Sobran's Alias Shakespeare

in which he argues for the Earl of Oxford as the true author of the plays and sonnets. Just now, Michael Foster sent me notice of a movie due for release in early 2011 titled Anonymous. From IMDB, here's the plot:

A political thriller about who actually wrote the plays of William

Shakespeare-- Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford-- set against the backdrop

of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion against


If you think Prof. Looney's lunacy continues with Sobran, consider that Walt Whitman, Henry James, Mark Twain, John Galsworthy, Vladimir Nobokov, David McCullough, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Sir John Gielgud, Michael York, and Kenneth Branaugh (as well as Sir John Greenwood, Charles Hoffman, and Charlton Ogburn Jr.) all share the conviction that Shakespeare wasn't the author.

Sorry, David L. and Brandon C.: at some point, every man will find his friends to be a terrible embarrassment.