Fearful and fearless women...

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(Tim: This from Heidi Bayly and the ClearNote Blog)

"I am strong, I am

invincible; I am woman!" -Helen Reddy

The majority of women would not admit to

being fearful and anxious. We roll our eyes at the women of the

past who fainted far too often and squealed much too high. Fear has

become distinctly un-American. After all, in America, what do we have to

fear except fear itself?

But if we're honest with ourselves, we realize our life is

governed by fear: the fear that we'll never get married, never have

children, our babies will die, our husband will stop loving

us, our children will not repent, the pain in our back will

not go away, we'll not have any friends, or that God will

require too much of us. The list goes on.

So now, from the time we're little girls, we're fed lies that we can

conquer our fears on our own. Or maybe with a little help from a medical

professional. We're taught to think of ourselves as invincible, powerful,

strong, independent, and fearless... (continue reading)