The cosmic killjoy...

(Tim: this from Pastor Dave Curell on the ClearNote Fellowship Blog)

...There’s always that one guy who not only attacks the morality of the film, but also claims an absolute authoritative understanding of what is morally acceptable. He doesn't simply imply that, in his view, something is right or wrong, but he claims his view is the authoritative view. And by this piece of chutzpah, he becomes the worst of the killjoys—the dogmatic one. Why? Because his conviction calls into question every piece of entertainment we consume. Nothing's sacred or safe any longer. Seriously, if he casts down Avatar, won’t Star Wars soon fall along with it?

Christians hate such killjoys. They're cosmic bummers.

Why doesn't someone throw them down a well. (read the post)


These "R2K" Catholics think that these "1K" Catholic Bishops are cosmic killjoys for *NOT* being cosmic killbabies in healthcare reform discussions:

"A US Catholic group on Friday accused Roman Catholic bishops of meddling in health care reforms by making backroom deals to ensure the bill does not allow funding for abortion.

"Religious and ethical concerns can legitimately inform public policy, but the bishops have overstepped the mark," said Jon O'Brien, president of Catholics for Choice.

"Interference by the US Catholic bishops in health care reform does not help women. The bishops should not be allowed to use health care reform to restrict women's access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare services," he said.

In November, said O'Brien, US Catholic bishops made a "last-minute backroom power play with Representative Bart Stupak" which "derailed meaningful health care reform."

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