Taking a stick to it...

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Over at the Poythress/Frame site my friend and coworker, Andrew Dionne, has added another essay by John Frame critical of the two-kingdom, all-clean-neat-unctuous-and-sanctious approach which increasingly dominates the theology of Westminster West. 

Frame's subject in this addition to his series is Scott Clark's Recovering the Reformed Confession (2008, P&R).

If you're tired of modern keepers of the Reformation flame attacking men such as Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Jonathan Edwards as clueless enthusiasts, if you've heard enough high-minded and surprisingly pious-sounding attacks on pietism by Reformed poobahs, do yourself the favor of reading this piece--and read the others in the series as well. So far Frame has dealt with Michael Horton's Christless Christianity and David Van Drunen's essay, A Biblical Case for Natural Law

Further installments are in store, so continue checking back.